Alternative for GramProxy 4G Rotating Dedicated Proxy

Looking for the most excellent alternative for GramProxy 4G rotating dedicated proxy? A proxy server is a computer network that sits between your computer and the internet. It receives your requests, processes them, and distributes them using a separate identity that you specify.

Which should you choose between The Social Proxy and GramProxy should you go for? Which of them are worth purchasing, and which are adequate for your privacy, online marketing, and security needs? Read on to learn more what is the alternative for GramProxy 4G rotating dedicated proxy.

Who Is The Social Proxy?

Private 4G mobile proxies are provided by Israeli technology company TheSocialProxy LTD for social media automation, SEO, scraping, crawling of the web, and pricing comparison.

All of the tools and servers used by the Social Proxy are owned by the company. Jarvee’s loyal customers have free access to the company’s professional resources and tools through The Social Proxy. On your SocialProxy account dashboards, go to “Automation resources” to find them. The following resources are at your disposal:

  • Professional Consultation
  • Jarvee Media Login Panel
  • Instagram Downdetector

It’s the same with Jarvee’s social media automation gurus, web crawlers, and scrapers who handled hundreds of corporate social media accounts over a three-year period.


They frequently provide Jarvee with how-to manuals and other information related to our area of expertise, as well as connections to other online communities like Facebook Groups and MPSocial. Numerous individuals and organizations have benefited from their guidance and help in the areas of automation, scraping, and web crawling. Thus, while the Jarvee Platform offers high-quality proxy servers, it also provides training for ambitious and fledgling automators who want to grow their social media presence.


To discover more about their Startup Program, you can also visit their website if you’re unfamiliar with the business. In addition, they provide you with free credits to help you get started in your marketing efforts.


Perks are meant to help you succeed with The Social Proxy by giving you the perfect combination of tools and expert advice to help you perform better, reduce risk, and save money.

Who Is GramProxy?

Gramproxy is a cloud-based web proxy service provider that offers a variety of services. An example aspect of the product is local authentication. Other features include multi-factor authentication (MFA), automated answers, anonymous surfing, and secure internet access, amongst others.


They offer Instagram 4G proxies for scraping and automation, with limitless, rotating access. In addition, their proxies boost an account’s trust score by using high-quality IPs that are safer, undetectable, and block-free.

ProviderThe Social ProxyGramProxy
Proxy Pool SizeUnlimitedUnlimited 
Data Usage LimitUnlimited Up to 200 GB and unlimited plan
Countries Supported4G Dedicated Proxy UK Israel
4G Dedicated Proxy Austria 
4G Dedicated Proxy Israel
Geo-targeted OptionsAvailable locations: UK, Austria, IsraelIsrael
Request Success Rate0.99990.99
Speed MinimumHigh speedHigh speed
IP Protocol SupportedHTTPN/A
High Rotating ProxiesYesYes
IP RotationManual, automatic, and APIFlexible rotation
No. of AccountsUp to 10+ main accounts. For scrapers, 50-100 accountsN/A
Ease of UseProxy authorization is made by inputting the username and passwordProxy authorization is made by inputting the username and password
Instant DeliveryInstant access after payment24 hours delivery
Other ToolsJarvee, NextPost, MassPlanner, FollowLiker, Socinator, MultiloginMass planner, Jarvee, Igramtools, Follow Liker, Leongram, Socialkit, InstaAuto, Gram Multitool, and more.
Warranty72 hours money-backN/A
Use CasesBrand Protection
Business Development
Marketing Management
Price Comparison
Product Management
Quality Assurance
SEO Monitoring
Travel Aggregation
Data Extraction
Website Testing
Security Management
Data scraping

The Takeaway on Alternative for GramProxy 4G Rotating Dedicated Proxy

That concludes the discussion. GramProxy  vs. The Social Proxy: Everything You Need to Know is Right Here. Buying a proxy for your field entails weighing a number of different factors. However, you should be informed that while you can use GramProxy’ services, you may only use it in one place. While GramProxy 4G Rotating Dedicated Proxy provides instructions, tools, and applications for users who automate and scrape social media, The Social Proxy stands out as the best option. In addition, while both companies provide mobile proxies, The Social Proxy offers a greater selection of solutions at a lower cost. You’ll have to see for yourself to believe.