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9 Anti-detect Browsers for Automators and Data Scrapers

You might be one of those aspiring growth hackers and social media automation newbies who wonder: How do seasoned automators and growth experts  succeed with their goals in growing accounts and scraping data while keeping accounts safe and being managed in one place? What’s their secret? Will I be able to do that too?

A bit hard as it seemed, it’s no secret that anti-detect browsers paved the way for successful growth hacking endeavors. 

As technology keeps on advancing over the years, websites have come up with more and more security measures to block growth hackers from scraping data from the sites visited and social media giants are prohibiting businesses from multi-accounts creation and management. With this, experts made a countermeasure to provide solutions for this dilemma. 

While these security measures vary from simple to more advanced ones, it is definitely possible to bypass them. Hence, below are some anti-detect browser tools you might want to try using when social media growth and scraping come into your mind. We compiled a list of the anti-detect browsers we know together with detailed instructions on how to integrate proxies with them :

  1. Gologin

  1. Incogniton

  1. Multilogin

  1. IndigoBrowser

  1. Ghost Browser

  1. Kameleo

  1. Antbrowser

  1. CheBrowser

  1. ClonBrowser

On the other hand, if you wish not to use these browsers, there is a simple way where you can still do the browsing and connecting accounts without your profiles and activities being tracked or connected to your personal devices. Just follow these steps.

For Google Chrome:

  1. In Google Chrome, add the extension BP Proxy Switcher
  2. Open the extension and add a proxy. This is what it looks like. 
  1. Click “ok” and you’ll be able to browse now with a proxy. To check if you are really connected to it, go to to check your IP location that it matches the proxy you are using.

For Firefox:

As for the proxy manager to be used for Firefox, we recommend using Simple Proxy Switcher

We hope these will help you get started with your automation and scraping journey. For more guides and information about growth hacking, social media growth and scraping, feel free to contact us.