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Do you want to learn a simple strategy for automatically creating Twitter content? Are you aiming for the next level with your social media strategy? By utilizing AI tools specifically with ChatGPT, your Twitter posts are automatically generated with high-quality, unique, and creative content. This guide will help you learn how to utilize tools, mainly by using Zapier, ChatGPT, and Airtable, to automate your content and earn more money. 


Zapier is an online platform that bridges multiple web applications such as Gmail, Dropbox, Slack, Twitter, and many other apps and services. It can handle automation tasks and smart customization of your work. For instance, you can use this platform to share a LinkedIn post, add events to your Google calendar, create and send out tweets, and many others. This platform integrates all the apps and services so you can do whatever tasks you want in one place. This is an ideal platform that can help you save time and effort to accomplish your desired target goal. 


Airtable is a user-friendly tool that allows users to utilize a spreadsheet-like interface where they can share and create databases related to their work. This platform is used for information collaboration, storing, and organizing data using its innovative features. 


ChatGPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI. It is a tool that can generate various contents in a wide range. It is a conversational chatbot that can respond to questions and provides comprehensive information and knowledge to users. 

Tools needed for the automation process:

  1. Zapier – Make sure you sign up to Zapier here This is where the automation process takes place.
  2. Airtable – This is where the organized information you want to get from the accounts is. 
  3. ChatGPT – This will help generate your content and image for your posts.

Now, get ready and learn Twitter content automation following the simple process. 

Go to your Zapier account. You can see the different features. One of the features that you will use along the process is the Zaps. This is where you will find the workflow consisting of the apps and services together.

Click this link, and you will be directed to the template where you can start creating your own Twitter content. Also, you need to add or create a zap for this template. 

Once you are already on the template page of Zapier, the next step is to:

1.  Search Mention in Twitter → Set up the trigger

This is where you search the accounts mostly mentioning or speaking terms related to your niche or industry. You put the term which Twitter account users recently mentioned in their postings. 

2. Send the record to the air table. This is where the information is organized. 

If you want to get information such as username, full name, tweet, URL, tweet content, and captions and want to know if the account posted is verified, you must put them in the sheet. All the information you need will be organized in Airtable. 

3. Click the Action “Only continue if.”

In this action, accounts are filtered based on their qualifications. For instance, you want to filter accounts verified by Twitter with more than 100 followers. The automatic process will continue with these two (2) conditions. 

(1) The Twitter account is verified. Verified accounts on Twitter will have a blue check next to their display name. It is to make sure that the account is real. 

(2) If the Twitter account has more than 100 followers. It is more engaging and interesting if you have plenty of followers, and they are more likely to see your content. 

4. Send Prompt in OPENAI → Set up Action

In the prompt section, write your requested content clearly so the OpenAI will understand what content you want to be generated. You can put a tag so it will be visible to the public. Don’t touch the other settings below.

5. Click Update Record in Airtable 

6. Generate Image in OPENAI. This is where you can generate an image for your content using OpenAI. 

Putting an image for your content is a great way to attract the attention of other Twitter users. OpenAI can generate an image. You have to be specific and clear with the image description you want generated. 

7. Click Update Record in Airtable. 

8. Delay For in Delay by Zapier.

You have to wait a few hours before other content is posted. This is to prevent the accounts from posting many tweets that might be marked as spam.

9. Create Tweet on Twitter

Go to Action

This is where you must input the message and image generated by the OpenAI. This will serve as the content of your post once the automation starts.

After you have set up the message for your Twitter, you can proceed to test. 

Click Test

Click the retest button to show the content to be posted. 

Once the content is done, you go back to the main page of the Zapier, where you can find the Zaps. 

Make sure that you toggle on and run the zaps where you get the template used. Click the toggle and the 3 dots to run it. 

After you have successfully set up everything, you can check your account and see if it generates posts by itself. 


This article has an interesting concept wherein it integrates ChatGPT with your Twitter accounts for content.  It is merely a guide for setting up automation for your Twitter accounts. It will help you save time and effort instead of doing rigorous work to set up everything. You have to navigate it well and set it up appropriately so you can gain a good result. In addition, you have to be mindful of complying with Twitter guidelines and policies, especially while using these tools. This is to consider your account authenticity and limitations as a user.