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What Is Data/Content Enrichment?

Anything that improves the quality of consumer data by bridging gaps and fixing “inaccurate” information qualifies as data enrichment.

The basic objective of data enrichment is to provide a company with a detailed and accurate picture of their prospective clients.

It combines internal and external data to create a more detailed picture of current and prospective clients. Additionally known as data appending, this procedure enables organizations to merge numerous data sources, resulting in a unified authority that is more relevant and valuable than its parts.

Whether it provides a detailed picture of your competitor’s behavior or a deeper understanding of your target audience, enhanced data is a useful tool for every business because it enables the acquisition of actionable insights.

Contact Enrichment Growth Hack: Why Should Enrich Your CRM?

Data enrichment is a larger term that encompasses both the addition and purification of existing data points as well as the connection of those data points to external data sources such as contact lists, social media, and other third-party providers.

This approach facilitates the addition of granular data and enables businesses to expand their existing data sets and increase the value of the inferences they receive.

Brands can use enriched data for a variety of purposes, and there are several ways to do it. One excellent example of data enrichment is supplementing internal sales data with third-party advertisement data in order to determine the efficiency of advertising.

With frequent data enrichment, you can ensure that you are always up to date on any changes to your CRM profiles. When someone on your contact list relocates or adopts a new technology, the information is automatically updated in the appropriate CRM account.

Additionally, you can create more refined profiles for each contact in your CRM. This enables you to enhance lead scoring while also positively impacting customer acquisition.