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Steps: How to CREATE an OP Scrapers

  • Buy emails on a trusted suppliers
  • You need to open a document wherein you can input the emails you bought

    (In this case, we have a customized sheet intended for IG Scrapers Creation:
  • Before you will input the emails on the sheet/document, you need to paste it first in a NOTEPAD
  • After that, you need to copy the emails you pasted on the notepad 
  • Open a blank sheet and paste the emails 
  • Next is to highlight the COLUMN A 
  • Then you have to click DATA
  • Look for SPLIT TEXT COLUMN and click it
  • For the SEPARATOR, you need to IDENTIFY the separator on the scrapers itself

(It could be a COLON, SEMICOLON, COMMA or etc) 

  • Once done, highlight the EMAIL ONLY (Column A) and copy
  • Go to IG CREATE TAB, 
  • Paste the EMAIL ADDRESSES under the Email Column
  • Next is to input the PASSWORD
  • Go to the left side of the sheet a bit and you will find EMAIL PASSWORD
  • Then, PASTE the PASSWORD of the Email Address that you separated on the blank sheet. Do not forget to fill in the EMAIL SERVER column too.

NOTE: The PASSWORDS are the ones next to the EMAIL ADDRESS that you separated on the blank sheet


  • Next is you have to highlight the text 
  • After you highlight the texts, you have to COPY it

How to IMPORT the Content of the IG Create Sheet to Jarvee 

  • Go to the server and open Jarvee
  • Go to the SETTINGS Page
  • You will be directed here
  • You need to remove the written text in the sheet.
  • Highlight row 2, 3 and 4
  • After which, right click and click CLEAR CONTENTS
  • When the sheet is already clear, go back to this sheet (See Photo)
  • Remember that you highlighted the text right? You have to copy it 
  • Then paste it on the new empty sheet (Show demo important file sheet)

(It will automatically be in place once you paste it)

  • Make sure that the PROFILE PICTURE COLUMN is empty

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the PROFILE PICTURE COLUMN has still text on it of course you should remove it. To remove, you have to highlight the text or you can highlight the column itself then RIGHT CLICK unto your mouse then click CLEAR CONTENTS

  • Make sure also that the USE PHONE COLUMN is empty as well

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the USE PHONE COLUMN has still text of course you should remove it. To remove, you have to highlight the text or you can highlight the column itself then RIGHT CLICK unto your mouse then click CLEAR CONTENTS

  • Once done, you have to save it. How to save it? (See photo)
  • Then SAVE
  • But before clicking SAVE you need to familiarize or memorize the file name
  • After that you need to go back to Jarvee
  • Then click IMPORT ACCOUNTS
  • Go to QUICK ACCESS and find the FILE NAME (In the quick access you can easily find the files that you recently saved)
  • Find the FILE and click OPEN
  • Wait for it a bit and you will be directed back here and toggle immediately the button (See photo)
  • Before seeing the result set up first the MAIN settings 
  • Go to SETTINGS
  • Then go to connectivity
  • Set up the settings (See photo)
  • Next is the Captcha Key.
    (the purpose of this is you will be needing it for automatic bulk fixing of captcha along the process)

You can get the Captcha Key in this link

NOTE: Make sure to click “Test Captcha Account’’ to make sure that it’s valid otherwise it won’t work.

  • Next is to see the results
  • Go back to GLOBAL TOOLS
  • Then go to RESULTS

 (Usually the result will appear more or less 10 to 15 minutes)

  • Next is to import the accounts to Jarvee
  • To import, click ADD ACCOUNT IN JARVEE

NOTE: You can still import the account to Jarvee even if there is no VALID note as long as the account is in the RESULTS already.

  • After you click ADD ACCOUNT IN JARVEE, the status will turn to IMPORTED (meaning the account was successfully imported)
  • Next is to go back to SOCIAL PROFILES
  • You need to go to the tag where the scrapers are located, so go to SCRAPER tag
  • You have to look for the scrapers that you imported. To identify the newly imported scrapers you look for the STATUS of the accounts and check the STOPPED status.

Of course you need to make the account valid for it to run

  • Simply toggle the button to make the account status VALID
  • As you can see it’s already VALID
  • Tick the box. Make sure that it has a CHECK MARK

You have to make sure that your accounts are clean meaning there are no other contents like phone numbers (usually some accounts do have default phone numbers so you have to remove that).

  • Scroll down a bit and click REMOVE PHONE NUMBERS
  • Then click YES to remove the default numbers
  • Scroll down a bit and click RE-LOGIN IN THE EMBEDDED BROWSER
  • Then, click YES


  • Select an account/scraper 
  • Then, click BROWSE EMBEDDED to open the account
  • If you will be directed in this page just simply click FILL LOGIN (it will automatically login itself)

(You have to wait for it to be filled)

  • In this part you will have to ADD the phone number

NOTE: adding REAL phone numbers like the ones from sim cards are needed instead of using virtual numbers. As virtual numbers are easier to access when there is a need for another phone verification.

  • Once you already added the Phone Number, you simply click SEND CONFIRMATION

In this part you need to verify the phone number

To verify the phone number, you need to get the code (it will be sent to you once you added the phone number click send confirmation)

  • After adding the code, click SUBMIT

After you input the code for verification you need to ADD AGAIN THE PHONE NUMBER

  • Open again the account by clicking BROWSE EMBEDDED
  • Go to the Accounts’ Profile
  • Go to Edit Profile
  • Scroll down a bit and go to PHONE NUMBER
  • Input the Phone Number then click Submit

NOTE: Input the same phone number that you write first

  • To verify, you need to click Profile again
  • Then go to Edit Profile
  • Scroll down and you’ll see the CONFIRM PHONE NUMBER 
  • After clicking you will be directed to the page where you can input the CODE 
  • Input the code then click confirm to verify the phone number

Then you added the phone number successfully.

  • Once done, you need to input the phone number on the description box
  • Then write VALID next to the account name (See photo) indication that the account is ready to use
  • Then, click VERIFY ACCOUNT to verify and wait for the status to turn VALID

Bear in mind that creating IG scrapers, you need to have reliable proxies intended for social media automation such as 4G & 5G proxies. 

Then that’s it, that’s how you create your own SCRAPERS. Simple, quick and easy.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any questions or clarifications.