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Data Enrichment: Find the Emails and Phone Numbers You Need from LinkedIn Profiles

Lead generation has never been easy. It takes effort and resources to target the right people from the right places. But there is no need to fret as there are a lot of tools available in the market which can help you optimize this process. 

Whether you are looking for the right tool to assist you with recruitment and/or with finding potential leads to increase your revenue, ContactOut might be the tool you are looking for. 

Below are glimpses of what you might make most out of this cool platform.

  1. Visit and register. 
  1. Choose which plan would suit you best.
  1. You may use filters such as name, job title, seniority, location, skills, technology used, company, years of experience, school/degree, industry, company size, revenue, and keyword. 

With these filters, you can finally come up with results of profiles that match them. What’s the good thing about this tool is it does not only provide the data you can find in simple LinkedIn searches but you can also view the profile’s personal and professional email addresses and phone numbers. 

Tip: Maximize the use of a “keyword” filter if you want to narrow your search. It will not be very specific results but you will be closer to what and/or who you are targeting.

  1. After scraping the email addresses, you also have the option to send bulk emails to the leads you saved from your own email.
  1. Moreover, if you have a specific list of data already on hand, you can further enrich the data you have as the tool will provide email, phone, profile and company data. 
  1. If you would like to do more with the ContactOut tool, you can start integrating your workflow with it. Further, you may take advantage of connecting the ContactOut tool with other platforms such as Salesforce.

Disclaimer: We are not directly affiliated with ContactOut and thus no promotion is intended for this post. This short post is to share some information about the latest tools for data scraping which are trending in the market today. 

Would love to hear from you. If you do have more recommendations on data scraping tools, please feel free to comment down below!