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Scraping Is an Easy Growth Hack

Since long before the term “growth hacking” existed, website scraping has been a growth hacking strategy. Beginning with simple copying and pasting data from one page to a spreadsheet or database, this tactic has evolved into a tried-and-true method.

Scraping a website is a technique for getting data from it. This can be used for a variety of purposes, from developing a sales pipeline to evaluating where your competitors price their products. While this is a time-honored strategy (at least in internet-speak), it can also be a fantastic approach to stimulate growth. However, before we get into online scraping techniques, let’s take a look at how web scraping originally gained traction in the world of digital marketing.

While web scraping is a widely used component of digital campaigns, it has a checkered history. After all, whether you’re scanning pages with bots or simply copying key data snippets, you’re still obtaining information that may or may not be acceptable for use (despite its public status).

The capabilities of online scraping in data mining are potentially limitless. Indeed, the proliferation of big data has produced new ways for AI to analyze the link between data sets. And as most of us are aware, artificial intelligence fundamentally alters the way we view marketing.

While most of us have a variety of requirements for the data we collect, this technique can be a simple way to get a competitive edge. And who doesn’t want to scrape an edge in such cutthroat industries?

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