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Facebook Group Monitor — Your Hot Leads Finder

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Have you searched manually for the perfect Facebook groups to connect with people related to your business? Tiring, isn’t it? Look no further! The Facebook Group Monitor tool will help you elevate your lead prospecting. 

Facebook Group Monitor is a powerful Chrome extension tool used by businesses and digital service providers looking for relevant posts. It notifies Facebook users of a new post related to a specific keyword they are looking for. The user will get a notification in their email, and they can start reaching out to the leads. For instance, you are a website builder using this tool to help you find people who need your assistance. You will receive an alert with those relevant new posts before your other competitors. This tool can find public and/or private groups worldwide, regardless of the language.

In this guide, you will learn how to fetch hot leads using Facebook Group Monitor. Check out and experience an effective lead prospecting strategy.

This is the link for more details and the purchase of the tool:

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Once the tool is ready, you can start setting up the needed things to run it. 

Your goal is to get hot leads out from the group members related to your niche. Let’s say you are a business owner selling CBD oil for dogs in the UK.

Configure the tool first by setting up the interval time of the post.

You can follow the interval time set up for the posts. Set up the interval time between posts at 0.5 seconds and 1 minute interval time between groups. Alternatively, you can randomize the time depending on your preference. 

Next, you have to put the Google sheet link that you will use to find the groups. 

This is what your sheet will look like. It must have columns for the Group’s name, Group’s URL, and Words. You can find more groups and fill in the sheet so you can get more hot leads. 

Copy the group URL and name of the group. Then paste it on the sheet.

Put the keywords related to your business. 

The Words column is where you put the keywords. You are going to get the lead based on these keywords. For example, the keywords are “CBD” and “UK.” The notifications of the posts you will receive talk about “CBD” in the UK. 

Make a sheet for Google sheet URL.

This is where you get the new data and get notifications to your email. You can make a sheet with columns for Timestart, the Date of the post, The word focus, the Content of the post, the URL of the post, the Writer of the post, and the Group’s name. Paste it on the Google sheet URL.

Set up the Daily break.

Set the time based on your timezone and when you want to start and end the work. 

Click the Start button.

Once you click the start button, it will open another tab and look for keywords in the post.

Every time it finds a new post, it will appear on this sheet, and you will get an email with these leads. 

Here’s an example of an email notification you will receive using the tool. The lead is perfect for what you are looking for. 

You can also click the link URL of the post so you will be directed to the post. 

How can you make money using it? 🤑

1) Receive live notifications on “hot” leads to your business and contact them before your competitors.

2) Sell the service to your customers and update them whenever a post is relevant to their business.


Imagine how much power you have with this Chrome extension tool. You can get any information from any public or private groups you are part of. You don’t have to search manually for your leads and data because this tool can do it. All you need to do is to set it up on your PC and utilize it properly. 

If you have any questions, feel free to message us or comment down and let’s help each other elevate the Facebook lead prospecting.