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Welcome to GoLogin AntiDetect Browser — The Ultimate Guide 2023!

GoLogin is an antidetect browser tool used mainly for multiple accounts. This tool is designed to hide and manage your digital fingerprint. By hiding your online identity, you can use it for your business. Its features are capable of creating and managing avatars, social reviews, web scraping, social account management, marketing and many others.

GoLogin has a 7-day free trial with optional plan accounts. If you are new to GoLogin, you can choose any plan you prefer, and it is renewable once it ends the 7-day free trial.

The first thing you do so you can use this tool is to make a profile. With that profile, you can start to browse any tabs.

How to Add Profiles with GoLogin

Click New Profile. 

New Browser Profile. 

Name the profile and add the proxy. Go to Your Proxy and fill in the IP Address, port, proxy username and proxy password. Once you have added the complete details of the proxy, click Check Proxy to check if the proxy is working. 

After checking the proxy, click Create Profile. 

All Profiles

Once you have created the profile, you will be directed to all the profiles. 

Click Run to open the profile. 

By clicking the run, you will be directed to the browser you can use. 

The browser tab that you access will sync its cookies. This means that all the tabs accessed within that browser will remain whenever you exit the browser. 

GoLogin can also let you share profiles with other users. By clicking on the share settings, you can share the profile with anyone, and they can have access to the shared profile and can continue to run any activities. 


Click the three dots beside the Run. 

Send Invite.


The GoLogin Antidetect browser tool is easy and convenient to use. Aside from hiding and managing your digital footprint, it will also help you perform tasks in bulk. By using this tool, you have to use a proxy for each profile. The proxy will hide your IP and avoid detection that you are using the same software in one place. 

For more comprehensive details of GoLogin, you can check out this blog post and reach us at