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Welcome to LinkedIn Growth Hacking!

If you are scraping contacts on LinkedIn and manually sending an invitation for connection, this is the right guide. You can scrape contacts easily with this free tool called Skrapp. You can send over 100 connections to your LinkedIn account in just a day to extend and reach new possibilities on your network. With this guide, let’s revolutionize scraping and building connections on your LinkedIn using Skrapp. 

Sign up and use the Chrome extension of

Once you have registered, install free Chrome browser extensions. 

Install Email Finder. 

Add to Chrome. 

Add extension. 

Go to the dashboard once you have added the Skrapp to your Chrome extension. 

Before setting up everything on your Skrapp, you must set up the proxy on your browser first. By doing this, you must add the BP Proxy Switcher to your Chrome browser. This is important, especially if you are scraping more than 20 pages of contacts. 

On your extensions, click BP Proxy Switcher.

Click edit. 

Paste the proxy in the given space. Make sure that the proxy has its main ip:username:password.

Click Ok. 

Choose the proxy added. 

Once the proxy is set up on your browser, return to the Skrapp. 

Click New List.

Name your list and click Create. 

Now, go to your LinkedIn account. Search your target people to connect. Let’s say you want to get a list of CEOs from the food industry. 

Once the results are shown, click your extensions and the – Email Finder. 

Select the list you created. 

Click Launch Email Finder. 

The Email Finder starts scraping emails starting from Page 1. 

If you want to scrape more emails to the next page, just click the page, and click again the extensions for Skrapp, and launch the Email Finder. You can do it again with the same process. 

If you finish the scraping emails, you can return to the Skrapp dashboard to see the results. 

Go back to the Skrapp dashboard. 

The results can be shown on the dashboard. You can download the list and check the scraped details. 

How do you send invitations with those emails that are being scraped? 

Go to your LinkedIn feed. 

Click Discover more. 

Click Contacts. 

Add more contacts. 

Click Invite by email. 

Enter the email addresses, separated by a comma. 

Make sure that a comma separates the email addresses you enter. It will be time-consuming if you manually add commas to the emails you have scraped. So, to make it easier, you can use this free comma-separating tool for the emails.

Enter all the emails and click the greater than symbol. 

Once done, copy the emails with commas and paste them on LinkedIn, where you enter the emails. 

Click Continue. 

 By clicking the Continue button, your invitations have been sent. 


Skrapp is a convenient and powerful tool that can harness scraping to grow your LinkedIn for endless possibilities, collaboration with other connections, and conversions. If you are scraping hundreds of contacts, it is suggested that you use a proxy to avoid having your IP blocked due to scraping. 

If you have any questions, you can contact us at this email address We will respond to your queries as best we can.