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How to Extract Data from Any Website to Excel for Free

Getting all the data you need from a website with only 5 minutes of your work may sound good, right? Web scraping is a method that can help you get enough resources for scraping information or data on the websites of your potential customers or clients. Discovering an easy way to gather data from websites will empower you to be more productive and finish your tasks effortlessly. With PhantomBuster, you will learn the easiest way to extract data from websites.

Learn this guide and transform your way of scraping data from websites.

The only tool you need in this guide is the PhantomBuster. Ensure you have access to this tool to start experiencing the power of its different features. 


Phantoms → Data Scraping Crawler

Click Use this Phantom.

Click My Phantoms.

In this section, if you want a specific website to scrape, paste the URL in the space provided. However, if you want to scrape more websites found on Google Maps, you have to use My Phantoms. 

My Phantoms → Google Maps Search Export.

Click Google Maps Search Export. Click Save.

Click the box that you want to scrape. Click Save.

Exit condition

If you want to go only with the website’s homepage, put the Depth to 0. Put the subpages to 100 so you can get more pages of websites.

Click Save.


You can put the number of websites you want to scrape. 


You can do it repeatedly, but setting up how many times you want it to repeat. You can set it up to 4 times per day. 

Click Save. 

Once you click save, the operation starts. 

Once the scraping status is successful, check the results, and you can get the information you need for each website. 


Through this guide, you will learn how to scrape data in the most convenient and easiest way. You can use this tool to scrape any websites related to your niche and use the essential data to generate leads and grow your or your client’s business. This action must be considered, especially when using the information responsibly and emphasizing respect for data privacy.  

If you have further questions or concerns, you can leave your comment here or send us an email at We are here to help you in any way we can.