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Get More Traffic and Sales on your E-commerce store with Pinterest

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Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms for visual content. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest reaches a wide range of audience. It is ideal for E-commerce businesses, especially for promoting brands, products, and services with the use of visuals. Do you want to learn how to grow your Pinterest business and get more traffic and sales? This content is the best guide so you can learn how to do it right. 

In this guide, you will learn how to repin boards to your Pinterest account. 

Here’s a quick overview of how effective automation is for your Pinterest account.  

Pinterest → Go to Search and put the keyword for your niche.  

If you have found a good pin for your niche, click Save, then it will be saved to your account. 

Let’s say you want to find more places for dogs. Find a good keyword for your niche 

How are you going to get a good keyword for your niche? You can search and put your keyword niche using the initial alphabet letters. 

You can also randomize your own Pinterest display name with the keywords so you can get a higher chance that your account will appear in the search options.  

Throughout the automation, you will use Jarvee to complete the automation process. 

First, you need to connect your account to the Jarvee. 

Social Profiles → Add Profiles

Add Profile to Pinterest.

Fill in the account username and password. 

Connect your account to a proxy. Click browse and verify the account.

Click the account → Go to Tools → Repin

It will show in this setting the board you created on Pinterest. 

Tools → Repin

Choose a board you want to focus on. Note: You don’t have to run the boards all the time. Let’s say you have 30 boards, take the maximum you have and split it by the number of boards you have to run. 

Tools → Repin

You can randomize the number of RePin per day. Check the Randomize publishing timers each day and the Randomize number of repins each day. You can repin between 5 and 10 pins per day and increase each day with 10 until it reaches 100 max posts per day. Set up the Repin items that have between 200 and 20000 repins. This is to make sure that you will get repins that can also give you more traffic. 

Check the Enable Signature to add a custom text at the end of the repins. 

Under the Signature Text, you can put the text of your saved repin from Pinterest.  You can also put your Instagram link.

You can set the Signature Percentage to 100 and check the Overwrite existing pin description (instead of appealing text to it)

Repin → Sources

Check the Repin by keyword. Put the source where you want to get your repin. Once you run the automation, your Pinterest account will go to the source or the keyword you put, and it will search for a pin with over 200 pins.  

The next thing to do is to repin from boards. Search the keyword you put in the source and look for nice boards that are popular and related to your niche. 

Copy the URL link.

Go back to the Jarvee → RePin → Sources

Check Repin from Board and paste the copied URL link. 

Click Add Board Limits. 

Once you click the Add board limits, the link will appear below it. 

Toggle on the status to start the process. 

Click Browse. 

Once you click browse, the Jarvee will slowly work by itself and look for good posts to repin. You can check your account to see if the repin works on your account. 


To protect your account from being flagged by Pinterest, it is necessary to have proxies. 

A proxy server connects you to your computer. It’s an intermediate server that sits between end users and the websites they visit. Proxy servers provide different levels of availability, protection, and privacy depending on your use case, requirements, or company policy. We specifically recommend the use of 4G & 5G proxies as they have been proven effective in doing social media automation.

How to Set Up Proxies on Jarvee:

  1. Go to the Proxy Manager. 
  2. Click Add Proxy.
  3. Fill in the proxy details. (proxy IP:Port, proxy username, then proxy password)
  4. Click Verify Proxy and make sure it turns valid. 
  5. When you connect an account, the proxy settings are usually blank at first.
  6. Go to Proxy Manager to add an account to a specific proxy. Each 4G & 5G proxy can hold up to 10 accounts. 
  7. Add your account to the proxy and make sure it’s valid. 
  8. Go back to the account and make sure that the proxy details are reflected before clicking “verify account.”


Pinterest is a great platform for everyone’s visual content. This platform is ideal for everyone, especially in the business field. This will help your business promote its products and services to gain more traffic and sales through visual content. Moreover, setting up your accounts for automation may put them at risk. Always remember to follow the maximum number of settings for your accounts for posting or repinning, and set up the accounts that are ready for automation. 

Those are the basic settings we use to automate Pinterest accounts. If you have questions or if you have trouble setting up the accounts, kindly contact us at so we can further assist you.