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How to Join Targeted Facebook Groups Automatically Using Jarvee

Facebook is the most widely used platform for business individuals to reach their potential audience and clients. Joining Facebook groups suitable to your niche is one of the great ways to reach out to your target audience. Manual searching to join Facebook groups is tedious and time-consuming. That is why the automation using Jarvee takes place. In this guide, you will learn how to join your target Facebook groups using Jarvee automatically. 

Connect your Facebook account to Jarvee.

Fill in the account username and password.

Add the account to the proxy.

Once the account is fully set up, you can start setting up the settings for automation. 

Go to Account Tools →   Finder → Group Finder

Extract from Keywords. Put the keyword where you want to join groups.

You can randomize the group limits depending on the groups you want to filter. 

Click Extract Groups.

Once you click the extract groups, the automation starts. 

The automation starts working by itself. Based on the input keyword, it looks for the groups you may want to join. 

Your account will run automatically. It will search and join groups. 

You can go back to the tool, and you can see the groups that are extracted. 

If you want to filter the groups, you want to join. Use Advanced Selection. 

Filter the group by putting the keyword, and you can also put the minimum users of the groups. 

Create a tag for the filtered groups.  Go to Execute Actions on Selected Items. Click Tag Selected

Put the keyword to create the tag.

If you might want to export the selected groups to check their websites and other details, you can click Export Selected. 

Go back to the Tools.

Go to Joiner.

You can randomize the joiner settings, but it will be a better option if you start to join 3 groups per day until it reaches the maximum of 7-10 groups per day. This is to ensure the account’s protection from being blocked or restricted. 

Check the “Pick a random group to join instead of the first one from the list below.”

Toggle on the status to start the automation. 

In this picture, the account works without the user’s control. It automatically joins the group. 

That’s how Jarvee automates your account to join target Facebook groups automatically. 

How to Set Up Proxies on Jarvee. 

  1. Go to the Proxy Manager. 
  2. Click Add Proxy.
  3. Fill in the proxy details. (proxy IP:Port, proxy username, then proxy password)
  4. Click Verify Proxy and make sure the proxy has valid status. 
  5. Go to Proxy Manager and add the account to a specific proxy.
  6. Add your account to the proxy and make sure it’s valid. 
  7. Go back to the account and make sure that the proxy details are reflected before clicking the “verify account.”


Facebook automation can generate more leads for your business or your clients. Joining groups is relevant on Facebook because you can use them to get more leads. This guide shows you how to automate your account. Using your own profile is not advisable due to the risk of account blocking. So, if you want to automate plenty of accounts, you must create an avatar, use proxies, and get them ready for automation. In addition, always adhere to Facebook guidelines to avoid account restrictions. 

If you need help or have concerns, you can reach us at Feel free to send a message, and we will do our best to respond to your queries.