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How to Schedule Unlimited Posts to Any Social Media Platform with Zapier

Manual posting is tiring and time-consuming. If you are a business owner or a social media manager who wants to schedule unlimited posts for your social media platforms, Zapier is a great tool. In this guide, we will walk you through setting up this tool to schedule automated posts for your social media accounts especially with your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Together, let’s maximize your market professionally.

Log in with your Zapier account.

Make sure that you already uploaded the file on your Google Drive that you are going to use for your posts. Name the file with the caption or text you want to appear on your posts.

Create Zap. 

1. Set up your Google Drive account. 

Trigger Event → Click New File in Folder. 

Click Continue. 

Sign in to your Google Drive account. 

Once your Google Drive account is already signed in, click Continue. 

Set up Trigger. 

Click on Drive and click My Google Drive. 


Choose the file you save on Google Drive that you will use in your posts.

Click Continue to set up the trigger. 

Every file you upload to your Google Drive will automatically trigger Zapier. 

Click the Test trigger. 

Click Continue. 

2. Set up Your Twitter. 

Action → Twitter

Twitter → Action Event → Create Tweet

Click Continue.

Create Tweet on Twitter → Sign in to Twitter.

Once you have connected your Twitter account, click Continue.

Create Tweet in Twitter → Set up Action.

In the Message section, choose a file you uploaded from your Google Drive that will be used as the message or caption on your posts. The message or caption of the post will be based on the name of the file that you uploaded. 

Create Tweet → Image, Videos, or GIF

Choose File (Exists but now shown)

Click continue. 

Click Test & Review. 

Once you click the Test, the operation starts, and you can check your account to see the result. 

3. Instagram 

Action → Instagram for Business

Action Event → Publish Photo → Click Continue.

Sign in to your Instagram account.

Once you have already signed up for your Instagram account, click Continue.

Set up Action. Choose the Instagram account to use. 

Photo → File (Exists but not shown)

Caption. Choose the uploaded file that you want to use for the caption. 

Click Continue. 

Click Test and Continue. 

Once you click the Test & Continue button, the operation starts, and you can check your Instagram account. 

4. Facebook

Action → Facebook Pages

Action Event → Create Page Photo in Facebook Pages → Continue

Sign in your Facebook account. 

Once you have signed in to your account, click Continue. 

Set up Action. Choose the Facebook account that you want to use. 

Photo → File (Exists but not shown)

Description. Choose the uploaded file that you want to use for the caption.

Click Continue.

Test Action → Skip Test

Turn on your Zap.

If you want to add more posts to your social media platforms, make sure that you upload them first to your Google Drive account. Every uploaded file for your postings on Google Drive will trigger Zapier. 


Zapier’s integration to connect across social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook for scheduling unlimited posts helps harness the power of social media presence and engagement in order to connect with target audiences. This is a great tool for content writers, social media managers, and businesses to manage their content efficiently and effectively. When using this tool, make sure that you have set up the triggers appropriately in order to avoid the risk of errors. 

If you have more concerns and queries with this guide, you may email at us