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How to Scrape Followers from Verified Instagram Accounts

Are you looking for the easiest way to extract data from an Instagram account, specifically verified accounts? This is the right guide for you. GiveMeData is used to scrape data from an Instagram account. It is a tool or platform that enables users to get unlimited followers with their usernames and IDs, the data about an Instagram profile, and everything else you need from verified accounts. This is an ideal tool for finding and using followers for lead prospecting. 

In this guide, you will learn how to easily scrape followers from verified Instagram accounts without using any other tools.

Scroll down and follow the basic instructions. 

This is an overview of GiveMeData. 

It has features where you can extract data from Instagram followers, profile data, and followings. You can just sign up for free and get 8,000 coins completely for free.

Before starting the process, decide which verified account you want to scrape the followers from. 

Click Get Started for Free to Sign up for your account. 

Create your account by filling out your Name, Last Name, email, and password.

Once you’ve signed up, log in to your account. 

Go to the Instagram profile where you want to extract the followers. 

Click the username and copy it. 

Go to the GiveMeData tool.

Fill in the account username. 

Click Get Followers.

Wait for a few seconds to load the data. 

Click to download your data. 

The data will be downloaded to your computer. 

Save the folder.

This is the downloaded data where you will get the full name and usernames and know if the account is private/public and verified or not verified. You can use the data for lead outreach. 

GiveMeData has a feature where you can also extract profile data for profile enrichment. Profile enrichment speaks about the account emails, phone numbers, posts, profile links, followings, and other information you use for cold outreach.

Choose and copy the account usernames you want to extract from the profile information. 

Go back to GiveMeData. Click Profile Data. 

Paste the usernames.

Click Profile Data.

Wait for a few seconds to load the data. 

Click Download your Data.

Download the data and click Save. 

Open the folder, and you can see the information you need. 

That’s how the GiveMeData tool works!


The GiveMeData platform is a convenient tool where you can extract accurate information from Instagram users. If you want to enrich the verified account’s followers, try out GiveMeData today and start growing your Instagram account. This tool is used by businesses and enables them to reach out to leads. Scraping data from Instagram accounts may put your accounts at risk. Keeping your accounts safe by adhering to Instagram policies is essential, especially with user data and privacy. Remember to always comply with the platform’s guidelines and follow ethical practices. 

For more queries, you can leave a message at Also, If you want to know more about other automation tools to grow your Instagram account, you can reach us at Feel free to message us, and let’s help each other build an effective platform.