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WhatsApp has become the most popular instant messenger today. Its popularity has paved the way for businesses and individuals to use it for marketing and outreach purposes. Manual scraping of contact numbers from WhatsApp may be exhausting and time-consuming. This is where this guide will help you learn the most basic and effective way to scrape numbers from WhatsApp. 

Scroll down and follow the instructions so that you can scrape WhatsApp numbers effectively.

  1. Connect your WhatsApp account to WhatsApp web. 

The process will take place within the web, so you must make sure that you use WhatsApp web and not the WhatsApp app.

  1. Look for the group that you want to copy from. 

Within the groups you selected, you will scrape their numbers more easily and effectively. By just pointing out the names and/or numbers of the group members, you will see all the contacts within the group. 

  1. Right-click on one of the contacts and click Inspect.

Once you click inspect, the web format phone numbers will appear. 

  1. Right-click within the numbers that appeared. Click copy. 
  1. Copy element.
  1. Make a New Tab. Go to Convert Comma Separated List to Column.

Click this link:, and you will be directed to the Convert Comma Separated List of Column tab.

  1. Paste the copied numbers.

The phone numbers are already scraped, and you can now use them to reach out to the contacts. 


WhatsApp has become the most popular instant messaging application nowadays. This app becomes ideal for marketing, lead generation, or research due to its widespread popularity and ease of use. With this guide, you’ll learn how to scrape phone numbers from WhatsApp. This is quite interesting. However, you must adhere to WhatsApp policies and be responsive with your actions to prevent your account from being spammed and abused.