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How to Create Instagram Scrapers Using Jarvee

Are you planning to create your own Instagram scrapers to run for your main accounts? If it’s worth having on your part, this is the right guide for you. You will learn how to create Instagram scrapers through Jarvee and will effectively utilize it for your main accounts. 

What do you need to start:

  1. Jarvee license.
  2. Fund on SMSPVA (about 10-15$ for the testing)
  3. Fund on 2captcha website (5$ is good) 
  4. Proxy- The best and the most human – drjarvee15 for a 15 euro discount
  5. Emails

Sign up for an account in SMSPVA and 2captcha.


Register and open.

Add balance.

Once you are done adding balance to your account. Find the API key on your profile. 

Click and copy the API key.

2Captcha Verification

You have to create an account and add balance to your account which costs $5.

Same goes in SMSPVA, copy the Captcha key and paste it within the connectivity settings in Jarvee. 

Then, click Test Captcha Account. 


Make sure that you will use a proxy to each scraper that you created. 

You can use these proxies for your scrapers. Make sure that the proxy you use when creating an account is the same proxy when running the account. 

Creating Instagram Scrapers

Go to Global Tools.

IG Create Accounts.

Check boxes of:

  • Create accounts in parallel instead of one after another.

         We recommend to create 1 accounts in parallel

  • Create accounts in order instead of shuffling them
  • Add account in Social Profiles after is email confirmed.

When creating Instagram scrapers, you can either import accounts or manually do it. 

Manual Creation of accounts

Click add Account.

Fill in the necessary details of the account.

Check the box of Use phone verification. 

Click Reprocess. 

Start the action by toggling on the status.

Creating Accounts through Import

Click Show Demo Import File.

You will be directed to the sheet where you have to fill in the accounts’ details. 

This is the sheet where you need to fill in the account details. 

Fill in the email address, account username, proxy-ip:port, proxy username, proxy password, password of the email account and put in the emailServer column. The full name is automatically generated by the sheet. You can use the generated name or you can change it. 

You can leave the account password blank because Jarvee will generate it. You can also  add bio so your scrapers will look real and will not easily get disabled. 

When you prefer to upload a profile picture, you can copy the location of the saved image for your device and paste it in the sheet. 

Once your sheet is finished, save the file as CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) format and then close it. 

Click Import Accounts.

Choose the saved file and open it. 

Go to Results to check the account being imported. 

Now, when you see that the accounts need phone verification, go to your SMSPVA account and get the code.

Go to  API logs 

Get the code

Make sure to check the box of Add accounts as Scraper Accounts.

Once you’re done with phone verification, you have to remove the phone numbers and replace it with emails so that you can verify the account through an email. Here’s how you can do that:

Go to Social Profiles. Check the box of the Instagram scrapers. 

Click Actions on Selected Profiles.

Click Remove Phone Numbers.

Click Login in the Embedded Browser.

Click Email verify using the Embedded Browser. 

Great! You reach this part of the guide. May this guide help you create your own Instagram scrapers.


Making your own Instagram scrapers using Jarvee is a great choice if you want strong scrapers to run for your accounts. You can buy scrapers from suppliers but you don’t know its assurance of when they can longer be used. 

If you want to learn how to use your Instagram scrapers, you can visit and learn from this guide: