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Welcome to the Instagram Growth Hacking with Su Social course!

Best Settings for Instagram Growth 2023 with Su Social

Optimizing social media activities is one of the most essential strategies to attain the campaign’s target goal. Social media automation is crucial these days when it comes to account management and growth. It is increasingly challenging as users are dealing with numerous issues such as phone and email verification and lengthy 24-hour review process.

Su Social tool is a platform solution for any type of growth on Instagram. This software is ideal for account creation, scheduling content, getting likes and followers, and follow-unfollow. 

We are excited to share with you the Instagram automation settings shared by Adi Ankonina (DR Jarvee) and Tal Klinger with the Su Social team. In this article you will learn the step-by-step processes for follow-unfollow classic methods.

What do you need to run Su Social?

What do you need to run Su Social?

1. Windows pc/VPS: Hetzner servers.

2. Scrapers: 5-10 scrapers per the main account. Dark Store or Project 1

3. Proxy- 1 Proxy (5G/4G) for max 10 main accounts. The Social Proxy code coupon “drjarvee15”.

Scrapers: 1 proxy (5G/4G) for max 100 scrapers (rotate it 10-12 mins)

4. Su Social account, starting at 39.97$ a month

When you have the needed IG accounts, server, proxies and the SuSocial tool. You can start connecting the accounts.

Here are the steps on how to connect IG accounts. 

Go to Social Profiles —> Add Profiles—>  Add profile for Instagram.

After adding a profile, you have to fill in the account’s username and password.

Go to Proxy Manager. Add the profile to a particular proxy. Make sure the proxy status turns valid.

Go back to Social Profile. Click the account. Click Open Browser to log in the account.

After you logged in, click verify the account. 

Here is the step-by-step process for follow and unfollow:

Settings —> Social Platforms —> Instagram —> General

Settings —> Social Platforms —> Instagram —> Stop Accounts

Settings Part 2

Advanced settings of the main accounts

Advanced settings of the main accounts.

Advanced settings of the main accounts 

Follow Tool

Follow Tool

Follow Tool

Follow Sources

Follow Sources




Advanced settings of the scrapers

Advanced settings of the scrapers

Advanced settings of the scrapers 


  1. Go to the account where you want to copy the settings from. 
  1. Go to the accounts Tool.
  1. Go to Global copy settings
  1. Click “Ok”

Note: Please ensure that you specify the usernames of the accounts you want to apply the settings to when setting up the filter. Additionally, choose the appropriate tag name from the filter by tag option to easily locate the accounts associated with the tag. Only select the checkboxes that correspond to the following options. After making your selections, click “ok” to begin the process of copying.


Proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. 

It provides different levels of protection, availability and privacy depending on your specific use. 5G & 4G proxies have been demonstrated effective for social media automation. With this, we highly recommended these proxies.  

How to Set Up Proxies on Su Social

1.Go to the Proxy Manager

2. Click Add Proxy.

3. Fill in the proxy details. (proxy IP:Port, proxy username then proxy password)

4. Next, verify the proxy and make sure the proxy status is valid.

5. Proxy settings are usually empty when you connect an account.

6. Go to Proxy Manager. A maximum of 10 accounts can be accommodated by each 5G & 4G proxy.

7. Add an account to a particular proxy and make sure it is valid. 

8. Before clicking the “verify account”, you have to make sure that the proxy details are reflected accurately.

The information above are just guides and recommendations that you can follow for automation. It depends on your part on taking risks to apply automation on your accounts. When you want to use the setting automation to test, make sure you will use a few profiles before adding another batch of profiles to automate. This is to check if the setting automation works well. If you experience issues and/or trouble on setting up accounts, you can reach us at the forum so we can better assist you.

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