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10 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Sources for Follow/Unfollow Method

You are a newbie in the social media automation industry, found Jarvee and you would like to grow your accounts with it. You have started setting up your accounts. You picked the best settings for your accounts according to automation experts. You bought high-quality proxies, you did not experience any blocks and the follow and unfollow tools are working very well. But, wait up! You noticed your IG followers are not even growing. 

If this scenario is familiar to you, we believe you should read this.

Oftentimes, it’s not our content that is the culprit for not getting those followers you want but our inability to utilize great follow sources. You have interest-piquing content you regularly publish ,but they are useless if they would not be showcased to the right audience. 

Hence, below are some tips we have to help you get the right follow sources for your accounts. Read on to know more…

  1. Account’s Competitors

Well, I believe having your business’ competitors as follow sources is the common practice of Jarvee automators but more often than not, this is one of the effective techniques which is easily forgotten. These kinds of follow sources are not only intended for IG business accounts. If you own a personal one, competitors may mean those accounts whose followers might also be interested in your content who you think would be an awesome addition to your followers.

You may use the dropdown button to get access to your main account’s related profiles. From there, you will get great choices of follow sources you can check. 

  1. Quality Over Quantity

Through the years of doing Jarvee automation, one thing I noticed was that clients often suggest follow sources with big follower’s bases  to be added to their accounts. While one might think that this is a great idea, most often it’s not at all. We might be tempted by the cliche aphorism “the more, the merrier” but for follow sources, stick with those with “more followers” and “merrier” engagement rates. 

The apparent reason is that while it is fascinating to look at accounts with a lot of followers, sometimes these followers are not even real or are active on Instagram. Therefore, following them on IG would be a waste of time as we can’t expect them to follow us back. Use follow sources that have the most ideal engagement rates. Some automators would opt for 10k or fewer followers to decrease the chance of getting follow sources with fake followers.

In checking accounts’ engagement rates, you may click this link to explore the available free tools to use.

  1. Use Jarvee Tools

Now, using Jarvee, we can use the tools “Users and Hashtags” and “Scrape Tool” where you can get similar accounts to yours and other similar accounts to the follow sources your clients provided you. You may also want to scrape users based on your preferred location. 

In doing this, make sure to use scraper accounts added as regular ones. Never use your main accounts as this will burn them.

  1. Follow Mutual Followers

Another way to get more chances of getting a follow back is to make use of your new followers. In other words, from the new followers you’ve got, you can try checking them if they can be great sources. 

This is because if we follow them, and they can see that you have mutual followers/followings, this will most likely encourage them to follow back. There is no assurance for this but this works most of the time.

  1. Consider More Places!

Go out of your comfort zone. In case you are limiting yourself to having followers within your area, begin attracting followers from locations nearby. 

This depends on the client’s preference but if you want more followers and extend the reach of your niche, you might want to try following users in the same niche but with a different location that is still close to your chosen area. For example, if you would like to target resorts in the city of Chicago, you might want to consider places like Kansas City too.

  1. What Are Your Interests?

A lot of clients want to use follow sources that have similar niches with them and although this is a great idea, it has downsides as well. We have to remember that the followers inside those follow sources are not limited to one interest, one hobby and/or one choice of content only. Let us say that if your client has a resort, which other things is he/she interested in? Is he/she into sports, online games and mountain adventures? Consider also these niches that are shown in the client’s account. They might not be the main niche you want to target but you can still get favorable followers from them.

Do not cling with competitors in the same field. Broaden your horizon. Always know that people are naturally multipotentialite.

  1. Google It!

Take advantage of tools available on the internet which will help you search the follow sources you need. There are a lot of softwares and platforms out there which offer fantastic services in searching Instagram users using keywords based on the number of content posted, followers, gender, niche and such.

  1. Be Resourceful.

If you are managing multiple accounts and have been adding different sets of sources for every account, you might want to try updating the follow back ratio of each one of them and save the highest ones. In case there are main accounts with the same or closely related niches, add the best sources to the accounts that need them. Do not enclose yourself to the idea that if they have different niches, they should have different sources. As long as you think they have great followers, you go with them. 

  1. Cut Them Off!

Seasoned and newbie automators alike know how laborious it is to do Instagram  automation nowadays given the ever-changing algorithm of Instagram, so one thing that helps us get through the day is to minimize the number of follow and unfollow as opposed to the limits we have before to avoid potential blocks. 

However, this move has also affected the follow back ratio of our accounts. To make up for it, do not forget to regularly update the follow back ratio data and be sure to delete the sources with poor rates. Given the scenario now, you might want to replace follow sources with below 15% follow back ratio.

  1.  Rank Them

Apart from deleting the poor performing follow sources, it is also recommended taking advantage of the “selection ranking” feature of Jarvee. Remember that the higher the number in ranking, the more you favor to perform follow actions from that follow source. Place the highest number to the sources with the highest followback ratio for the data have already shown that you have more chances of getting followers from there.

Disclaimer: Remember that Jarvee automation is not “one size fits all”. These tips might help some accounts to grow faster but may not be effective to yours. Experiment on all of them and observe what works best for you.