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Doing it Smart!: A How-to Guide on Automating Instagram via InstaSmart

Are you tired of manually engaging with Instagram users for hours each day in the hopes of garnering new followers and expanding your brand’s presence? If that sounds familiar, well, you are not alone. Instagram has quickly become an integral way for companies and individuals alike to market themselves – but finding the time and energy to build an impressive following may prove challenging.

That is where InstaSmart comes in. It is a social media marketing tool designed to streamline many time-consuming processes in growing your Instagram account, including audience targeting, post scheduling, direct message marketing campaigns, and story reactions. These features enable InstaSmart to help reach more users while engaging effectively and expanding your following.

This guide will show you how to utilize InstaSmart to automate Instagram activities and elevate your social media game. Step-by-step instructions are included so that InstaSmart can be safely utilized without violating Instagram’s terms of service. So let’s get going!

Setting Up and Automating your Instagram with Instasmart

It’s time to learn how to use Instasmart to automate your Instagram activities. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Register an account in InstaSmart.

If you are a first-time user and you do not want to make any monetary commitment yet, you may avail their 1 day free trial to test the service. 

  1. Add your Instagram account.

What Can InstaSmart Do For You

InstaSmart has a number of features that can help you automate your Instagram marketing and save time and effort. In this part, we’ll look at some of Instagram’s most essential features and talk about how they can help your marketing efforts.

Post Scheduler

With Post Scheduler, you can plan and arrange Instagram posts, reels and stories ahead of time with ease. Simply upload content from your computer and set a time and date for it to automatically publish onto Instagram – saving both time and effort while maintaining an even posting schedule!

Add Post

Upload your downloaded photos from the computer and decide what caption you would like to incorporate into your post.

Add Story

The process is similar to publishing a regular post: upload from computer, decide what to write and choose when to post.


When it comes to publishing regular posts or stories, you may try to schedule them at a specific time as well if you do not intend to publish them immediately. 

Mass Story Reactions

With Mass Story Reactions, you can watch and react to over 40,000 Instagram profiles every day, helping to engage potential followers while drawing in new followers by showing genuine interest in their content. Reacting to stories also increases visibility while helping build relationships between you and your target audience.

Smartvote Section

Proceed to the Smartvote section and select the targeting for the “follow sources” you want. Here, you can see options for your target sources. If you are not sure what to pick, we highly suggest selecting “People (followers)” as a starting point.

With the Smartvote tool, you can also perform liking of posts and posts’ comments. 

On this one, you may also send DMs to the people from the target list you chose. 

While Instasmart has integrated proxies back-end, it is also recommended to add your own proxies so you can make sure that you are using fully dedicated proxies for the safety of your own accounts. 

Lastly, do not forget to activate the account and click save. 

Slave DM’s

The Slave DM’s feature makes managing Instagram Direct Message marketing campaigns and promoting any product or service easy and efficient. Simply create customized direct messages targeting specific groups of followers with promotional offerings or links back to your online store. This will increase sales conversions by reaching out in an engaging, personalized manner to target audiences.

Welcome Message feature

The welcome message lets you send personalized messages to people who followed you back from the target list you followed. You can use this tool if you would like to engage more with your new followers. 

On this part, you can decide how many DMs a day you would like to send. Of course, you can send more than 20 DMs but always test the waters before increasing the number of actions. 


If you want to get more followers on Instagram without having to spend hours manually engaging with users, InstaSmart may be just what you need. With its features, InstaSmart enables you to automate Instagram activities and save time and effort while expanding your following. With step-by-step instructions provided herein, InstaSmart can be used as part of an overall social media strategy, whether for businesses, influencers, or just individuals looking to establish themselves online. Register an InstaSmart Account Today & Start Scheduling Instagram Tasks 

The information above are just guides and recommendations that you can follow for automation. It depends on your part on taking risks to apply automation on your accounts. When you want to use the setting automation to test, make sure you will use a few profiles before adding another batch of profiles to automate. This is to check if the setting automation works well. If you experience issues and/or trouble on setting up accounts, you can reach us at the forum so we can better assist you.

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