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Welcome to Youtube Growth Hacking!

YouTube is one of the most popular and powerful platforms for video content creators and business individuals. To expand your online presence on Youtube, you need to boost your ranking by gaining more subscribers, views, followers, and likes. This is a challenging task to reach, so this is where the Jarvee takes place. The Jarvee automation settings maximize your YouTube account’s growth. 

You can get a 5-day free trial with Jarvee. You can contact their support through their email.  

Once you have downloaded the Jarvee on your computer, you can start creating or adding accounts that will soon be used for automation.

Add Profiles. 

Fill in the account details such as the Facebook Name, Email, and Password. 

Go to Proxy Manager. Connect the account to a proxy. 

Check the box of Show Advanced Profile Settings.

Check Use mobile UserAgent for login.

Verify the account. 


Follow Settings

You can randomize, set up the run timers, and follow limits. Limit the number of setting up the timers to avoid your accounts from restrictions. For the best recommendation, you can follow the setup above. 

Go to Follow Sources. 

“Follow users/channels by keyword search”

Put the keyword related to the users or channels you want to follow. Make sure you put a comma “as a separator. 

Put the source

“Source- Users/Channels by videos keyword search”

The videos will be filtered based on the keyword that you have chosen. 

“Follow users/channels from a provided list.”

Put the channel link or other users you want to follow. 

Paste the YouTube channel link of the users/channels you will follow.

Click Add to Extracted Users

Go back to Follow Settings. 

Toggle on the status to start the operation. 

Comment Tool

Go to Comment Sources.

Put the keyword. 

Put the text you want to be automatically sent to other users in the comment. You can put the link to your channel or another way of reaching out to people to bring them to your channel. 

 “Spin syntax.”

Using this will provide you with different versions of comments to avoid being flagged due to sending the same message.

“Check spin text.”

This is to check if the message you input is valid. 

Go to settings and toggle on to start the operation. 

Like/Reply Comments Tool

You can randomize the limits when setting up.

You can also input any sources that suit your niche or reply from a comment. 

Full Browser Experience Tool

This feature is designed to make your account look human. You have to input the Facebook websites to visit. The purpose of this tool is to make it look like your account is visiting those Facebook websites, which you will be added to their visitors list. This will also secure your account from being banned. 

Watch Video Tool

This tool is useful, especially for watching videos on a certain channel. By using multiple YouTube channels, you can set it up for watching videos to boost the views and ranking of a particular channel. 

You can publish your YouTube videos through Publishing Campaigns. 

Go to Destination Lists.

Add Destination List. 

Name the Account you will use. 

Go to Campaigns. Add Campaign.

Add Standard Campaign. Name your campaign.

What To Publish. 

Create the text and title of your YouTube video to upload. 

Where To Publish.

Select the account to use by checking the box. 

When To Publish

Set up the number of videos and when you want to post the video. 

You can check on the Post List if you successfully set up everything. 

Social Exchange

This feature will allow your account to perform actions such as liking. 

Add your Account. 

Add URLs

Put your channel URL or other URL channel that you want to like. 


Jarvee automation settings will leverage your strategies to grow your YouTube account and overcome the challenges. It is a gateway for you to achieve more views and subscribers. On the other hand, this is a guide for you to follow; you may take the risk of setting your account on automation. May your YouTube account be successful! 

For more information and concerns, you may email us at or