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Welcome to the LinkedIn Growth Hacking course!

LinkedIn Growth Hacking Strategies

LinkedIn may not receive as much attention as platforms like Instagram and Facebook in the social media industry, but there is no better way to reach business decision-makers than through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the place to be if you’re marketing, salesperson, or another type of professional looking to connect with executives and other brand leaders who can really write you a check.

Use the Right Keywords

LinkedIn can be used as a search engine, allowing brand marketers, recruiters, and CEOs to find qualified individuals by simply writing a few relevant keywords to what they’re looking for, such as “software engineers,” “graphic designers,” or any other term that will lead them to qualified individuals. That involves optimizing your LinkedIn profile, particularly your “About” section, to contain keywords relevant to why you want to be contacted for others to find you.

LinkedIn Growth Hacking: Make your Profile Rich in Media Content

To assist in highlighting your experience and skills while standing out more than someone with a wall of text, you should include rich media assets such as blogs, movies, and case studies into your profile. You can accomplish this in various ways, including by adding information to your profile’s Projects area or by posting content natively on LinkedIn. If you do not have your own content yet, you may be able to share clips or other pieces of work from your employer or past employers that relate to the projects on which you worked.

LinkedIn Is a Better Alternative to Exchanging Business Cards

While some may argue that having a tangible business card is preferable in this age of digital overload, the reality is that these cards are sometimes put into a pile and forgotten about. Rather than that, joining on LinkedIn enables you to remain always visible to others, as your postings, for example, may appear in the feeds of new connections. That is why I purposefully do not have business cards and instead invite people to connect on LinkedIn, especially given that my brand is mainly based on content sharing.