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LinkedIn Jarvee Settings 2021

Instagram automation is one of the most popular types of social media automation in the Jarvee community today for most of the agencies’ clients want to automate their IG accounts for business and personal purposes. However, apart from IG automation, there is also LinkedIn automation. 

Some, if not most, of private individuals and agencies want to expand their networks through having more connections in LinkedIn. It might be to give more exposure to their businesses, to connect to more potential job applicants, to attract prospect clients, there are numerous reasons why people want to grow their LinkedIn accounts.

Given the time constraints, people use Jarvee LinkedIn automation to save time. Thus, here are the settings you are looking for to get started. 

  1. The default settings in the general profile settings

If you need to send connection requests to people using certain keywords only, you can use the Search and Connect tool. 

2.1. Settings

In the “add custom note” section, you may write the initial message you want to send to the users when they decide to accept your connection requests. You can add tokens such as [FIRSTNAME] to make it more personal and the receiver will not perceive it as a spam message only.

2.2. Sources

In the Sources, you can add the keywords to target the accounts you want and need. You may also add specific locations, companies, industries, schools, past companies, and/or job titles.


Use this tool to connect to people when you already have the list of specific users you want to connect with. 

3.1. Settings

Same goes with the search and connect tools, in the “add custom note” section, you may also add a “welcome” message which you want to send to the users when they decide to accept your connection requests. 

It’s also recommended to connect to random users rather than sending connection requests according to the user’s number on the list. This is to make the action more human-like than an automated one.

If you are meticulous on the kind of users you want to connect with, feel free to use the User Filters below.

2.2. Sources

You may add the specific users you were able to scrape to the “add people from a provided list” section. Visit this how-to guide to know how to scrape specific users for your LinkedIn automation sources. 

If you are using Sales Navigator, you also have an option to add the profile links here. 


Use this tool if you want to search for accounts and send them longer messages than just a “welcome note”.

4.1 Settings

4.2. Sources

Use certain keywords to target the users you want to send messages to. You can even customize messages per each keyword of your choice. Always click “Check spin text” to make sure you will be sending the right messages. 


Use this tool if you want to send messages to your current connections or you want to import the specific users you want to send messages to.

5.1 Use Members

Do not forget to click “Add to Send Messages List” to transfer the users list to the Send Messages tab so you can send them your intended messages.

5.2 Send Messages

Now you already set everything up but wait there’s more. You have to connect your LinkedIn account to a proxy to keep it safe. Doing automation without it is a total risk. Another thing to consider as well is whether the proxies you are using are raw and private and were not “abused”.

Here’s how to connect your account to a proxy:

  1. Take note of the username of your account. (Photo below is an example of an account that is not yet connected to a proxy.
  1. Go to Proxy Manager and connect your proxy (Check if the proxy is valid thru clicking the “verify proxy” button)
  1. Connect your account to the proxy
  1. Go back to Social Profiles and check if the account is successfully connected

Those are the settings you can use for Jarvee LinkedIn automation. The combination of correct keywords, right target users and appropriate messages will definitely be the main recipe for the success you are aspiring for. Please know that just like any kind of social media automation, dealing with LinkedIn accounts requires a lot of tests and experimentation. Keep going and you’ll find what best fits you. 

If you have any questions, feel free to message us via live chat or send us an email at