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LinkedIn Outreach with AI Using PhantomBuster

Watch this video and read the guide to learn the LinkedIn Growth Hacking.

Prospecting potential clients is one of the methods of generating leads to make conversions. LinkedIn is the most widely used networking site by business individuals and professionals to connect with one another. LinkedIn outreach requires a strategic approach, including using various tools to optimize the process. 

In this guide, you will learn mainly how to improve your LinkedIn outreach experience using AI and PhantomBuster. 

What is PhantomBuster? 

PhantomBuster is an automation tool for extracting data and automating various website tasks. It has great features that can be used to perform actions such as content making and social media tasks like following users, liking posts, and sending messages. It also has features for contact enrichment, which is essential in prospecting clients. This tool covers platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. It has a free trial and is accessible to use for an hour or two at the beginning. In addition, using this tool doesn’t require you to know everything. It does all the work for you. The only thing you need to know is the automation risk. Accounts might be at risk once they are set up for automation. Hence, you have to use another account to protect your main account. 

Phantombuster has features such as: 

  • Filter –  You can take actions such as connecting, liking & commenting, and messaging with other contacts. 
  • Extractions – You can extract information or data such as profile pages, search results, posts, and emails of your contacts. 
  • Phantoms – It covers other online platforms such as Google, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Facebook, and other online platforms. The system also added the integration of other tools, such as AI ChatGPT and CRMs. You don’t have to use your own ChatGPT account. You can access ChatGPT by using your credits from their website.

What are the things you need to do? First, get a free trial from Phantombuster. This is the main tool you need to start with the automation process. Second, if you are using an avatar, you need to use and connect a proxy. Your accounts will die fast if you do not use a proxy. 

In this guide, there are two (2) Phantoms used:

  1. AI LinkedIn Message Writer – This will generate the content or message you want to send to the clients effectively.
  2. LinkedIn connector – This allows you to connect and access features of user profiles such as company information, connections, postings, and more. 

Are you ready to start the automation? Follow the steps until you successfully set up everything and get more leads for conversion.

Click Solutions → Phantoms 

Phantoms → AI LinkedIn Message Writer 

 Click Use this Phantom.

Click My Phantoms.

You have to scrape first the people who you want to send messages to and make sure you create a list. PhantomBuster will use all the scraped data wherein your message will be sent out. 

Once the list is ready, select that list and click Save.

Select a Prompt template or write your own

You can choose any template available that is applicable to your purpose. You can also create a custom prompt if you want to customize your own template. 

Customize your prompt.

If you have selected the given template, the AI will automatically generate the prompt which contains the message to be sent out. You can customize it if you need some changes. 

Specify columns to feel to GPT → All LinkedIn Leads Date →  Click Save


You can choose “Run prompt on first 10 leads (recommended for testing).” You need to consider this recommended number of leads when testing automation. This is to make sure that the automation works well or not. 

Click Save.

Click Launch.

It may take a couple of minutes to run the AI LinkedIn Message Writer. 

You need to set up your LinkedIn account within the website tool. If you haven’t yet connected your LinkedIn account, you can set it up while waiting for the AI LinkedIn Message Writer to finish loading.

How to connect your LinkedIn account to 

Go back to Dashboard → Solutions → LinkedIn 

Go to LinkedIn Auto Connect. 

Click My Phantoms.

Click Test AI LinkedIn Message Writer. 

Go to Spreadsheet settings. 

Spreadsheet settings → click profile URL → Save

Click Connect to LinkedIn.

Click Save.

When you connect your LinkedIn, the Phantombuster will ask you to have a PhantomBuster extension. It goes to your LinkedIn and takes your cookies so you can use them within the tool. 

Note: Always apply the two rules (1) Try not to use your own or main account. This is to secure your own account from being restricted. (2) Use a proxy to protect your accounts from being blocked due to using an unsecured IP address.

Under Your Message, click message →  Save

You can set the number 10 for invites to send per launch. Keep the advanced settings the same, then click save.

Email discovery

Email discovery service is helpful to discover or scrape the email of other LinkedIn users. 

You can use an email discovery service to message other Linkedin users. If they didn’t reply, you can use the extracted email to contact and automate it with the same person.  

Click Save. 

Click Launch.

By clicking the “launch,” it will start to connect, and take a couple of minutes before it successfully connects your Linkedin account.

When you are connecting your LinkedIn account, the tool is also working on generating leads. While waiting for the results, you can go back to the dashboard and check the messages generated by the AI LinkedIn Message Writer 

Go to Dashboard → AI LinkedIn Message Writer

 Go to Results.

You can see the generated messages from AI LinkedIn Message Writer. 

Download the result so you can see the leads that are extracted. You can find the customized messages and the details of the contact person. 

These are the downloaded leads. It contains the contact information of the contact persons, including the name, profile URL, job, location, and many other details. 

Now, let’s check to see the results. Results contain the LinkedIn account you connected and the other LinkedIn accounts that are being sent with an invite to connect.  It also includes the contact person’s account details.  

Go back to the dashboard → LinkedIn Auto Connect

Go to the results. 

This is where you can see the messages generated and sent to the contact persons. It also includes their details that you can use with other contact enrichment processes. You may download the results to see the full details.

You can see all the leads that are extracted from LinkedIn leads. 

This is where you can find the details that you want from other Linkedin contacts.


Leveraging AI by using PhantomBuster can enhance the outreach process. Phantombuster, a website automation tool, becomes high-powered as it adds features with integration to AI ChatGPT. It fastens and makes things easier to navigate with the expected outcomes. AI-powered tools can create powerful connections that increase engagement with other contacts and give better results. Automating tasks such as connecting and sending messages to contacts is effective if done properly. On the other hand, doing automation can put your accounts at risk. To avoid this, you must comply with the system guidelines for using the tools by applying a proxy and securing your own accounts by creating avatars. Hence, following these things to protect your accounts and set up everything appropriately will enable you to get more conversions.