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Welcome to the Facebook Growth Hacking course!

Prospectss: Automating FB Messages for Noncoders

Sending direct messages on Facebook has become an efficient way of reaching out to potential leads. Aside from the fact that this social media platform is widely used all over the world, a lot of bots are also available in the market already which makes it easier for marketers to implement this cold outreach technique. 

With this, we would like to share with you another tool we found. This tool can do more but we will only present here its Facebook Auto DM feature for now. 

Read on to know more about it. 

  1. Go to and register. 
  1. Visit
  1. Check out its functionality here. 

4.  Check the pricing and pick the package that best fits your needs. 

5. In this tool, you can send a maximum of 150 messages a day per FB profile you connected to the tool. Six DMs (direct messages) are sent per hour as the tool has a programmed delay of 10 minutes per message to keep your Facebook account safe from FB bot detection.

The good thing about this software is that you are not required to input your username and password to it. You can login your account in a browser normally and just add the extension afterwards. 

And yes, you can still use your Chrome Browser while the extension is running in the background. You can utilize other tabs and work as usual and just make sure that you do not close or refresh the tab where the extension is running.

Since we presented to you the pricing above, you ought to know how much they charge for using this DM feature of the tool. You will be charged 0.5 credits per successful private message sent. If it fails, of course, the credit balance will remain as is. 

5. How to get started? Download the extension.

You can download the extension here:

6. Login to your Facebook account in Chrome Browser. 

7. Enable the extension. 

8. Enter your Account Key and email address. Your account key will be provided to you after registration.

9. Start the tool. 

Choose the “Send Personalized Message”.

Upload the CSV file containing the profile URLs of the accounts you would like to message. 

10.  Create a template for messages you want to send. 

11. Start the automation tool. 

12. If you do not have the list of profile URLs yet that you would like to target, you can also make use of their FB group members scrapers. 

You can download the extension here:

12. This tool did not mention the use of proxies before connecting your FB profile to chrome but if you are planning to connect more than one FB profile in your PC that you would like to automate using Prospectss, we highly recommend using one. It is also advisable to use an aged FB account that a freshly created one as it has higher trust score and is harder to be flagged.

It will never be safe running multiple Facebook accounts in a single IP. To connect proxies to Chrome, you can utilize BP Proxy switcher

Moreover, if you would like to run this tool for 24/7 without having your PC running all the time, you can avail a Virtual Private Server from and connect your Facebook profiles and Prospectss extensions there.

Disclaimer: We are not directly affiliated with Prospectss and this short guide is simply an overview of the features of the tool. Hence, please use at your own discretion. We strongly advise to make use of Facebook profiles which you can afford to lose as there is always a risk in doing automation. Should you have any queries regarding the functionality of the tool, you may contact their support team. 

If you have any other recommendations for tools that can be used for Facebook Auto DMs, feel free to comment down below and let’s discuss!