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Prospectss: Auto Follow/Unfollow Method on Instagram Made Easier

In our previous short guides, we talked about Facebook automation’s auto sending of messages and how to make use of the software’s feature on scraping member’s information from Facebook groups for easier implementation of direct message marketing campaigns. 

This time, we will discuss how you can make use of Prospectss to succeed with growing your accounts using the infamous Follow/Unfollow Method. 

We included the easy steps to perform the said method but also wrote down important tips you should take into consideration for the safety of your accounts.. 

Read on to know more about this IG automation feature. 

  1. Register at
  1. Download the needed extension.

You may download the IG follow-unfollow extension here: chrome://extensions/?id=ejikagpoiincdehagppmaajobbfhibog

  1. Login to your IG account.

Please note that if you are planning to use multiple IG accounts for this automation process, we highly recommend making use of proxies. Connect a proxy manager to your browser and connect one IG account to one Chrome profile. 

  1. Pin the extension for easier access.
  1. Go to the page or user you want.

Choose the page or user whose followers you also want to have and let the software fetch data of the follower which your account will follow.

  1. Input your account key and email address. 

This will be provided to you after successful registration on the site.

  1. Choose the people you would like to follow.

Choose if you would like to follow people in your chosen page’s. You can either pick the followers’s list, following’s list or if you have the list of people on hand, you can upload them instead. 

  1. Make use of the filters to avoid following bots and inactive accounts. 

You may also set the following limit for a start so you will not overdo the follow actions. If it’s the first day of automating the profile, you may start with following 20 people and increase by 20 everyday till you reach 200 follow actions per day. 

  1. Start following.

Each follow action is configured by the system to run every 10 minutes to avoid getting flagged and banned. 

  1.  Do the unfollow after follow actions.

This is only advisable if you did the follow actions 2 to 3 days ago so you can have a grace period for people to follow you back. 

Those are easy peasy steps and short overview on how you can perform Follow/Unfollow Method without having to utilize the complicated settings of other automation tools. 

Stay tuned to our next short guide for more information on the newest tools to further your social media automation endeavor. 

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