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Making Money with Facebook Automation using SU Social and ChatGPT

Facebook is the most widely used platform in the digital world. It has massive use in terms of connecting with other people for the purpose of advertising and generating income. Facebook automation is a manageable way to optimize the process of Facebook activities such as posting, liking, commenting, sending friend requests, and many more.

Using SU Social and ChatGPT, you can learn how to make money throughout the process.  

SU Social is an automation tool for social media platforms. This is a tool ideal for Facebook growth. On the other hand, ChatGPT is an AI tool that can provide sufficient information since the Open AI tool can create compelling and personalized content, which will ultimately drive revenue generation.

If you’re ready to discover the process to maximize your earning potential through Facebook automation, then continue to scroll down and explore the amazing collaboration of SU Social and ChatGPT! 

Before proceeding to the steps of setting up the SU Social settings, there are important things to prepare to run SU Social and ChatGPT.

What Do You Need to Run the SU Social for FB Growth? 

1. Windows pc/VPS: Hetzner servers.

2. Proxy – 1 Proxy (5G/4G) for max 10 main accounts. The Social Proxy code coupon drjarvee15.

3. Su Social account, starting at 39.97$ a month.

4. OPEN AI – API Key

5. FB aged account – You can get it from bulkaccountsbuy or FB Accs for $15 per account, Accsmarket (use code “Jarvee10”), or DarkStore (use code “drjarvee”)

6. FB profile photo –You can get it free from Midjourny or Viki from FB accs for $16, or from AccsMarket or Darkstore (using the same discount codes). 

7. Aged email address – Aged Google or Outlook emails have a backup email address. Change the password after purchasing to avoid any issues. You can get it from AccsMarket or Darkstore

8. Phone number renting like Twilio or a separate phone number not connected to any IG/FB business accounts or your personal device.

Which Tools Should I Use, and What Are the Optimal Settings

First, you need to customize and warm up your avatar. Here’s a suggested timeline:

First 2 days: Connect it to SU Social and the proxy and let it rest. On the 2nd day, you can upload your profile photo. Make sure you tag yourself on the photo. This can be used for future account verification. 

Day 3: Add a cover photo.

Day 4: Add bio-data, such as place of work or school, location, etc. 

Day 5: Like 5-10 FB business pages.

Day 6: Join 8 relevant groups.

Day 7: Add 15-20 friends.

Day 8-30: Perform random actions, such as comments, likes, and adding friends. The key is to look as human as possible (You can add 1-2 groups per day and add 1-2 friends).

Here are the steps on how to connect accounts:

You can follow these steps on how to connect an account to SU Social.

  1. Go to Social Profiles  → Add Profiles  → Add Profile for a specific platform

 2. Fill in the account’s username and password. Put your chosen tag on the “tags”. This is important for the automation process.

3. Go to Proxy Manager, and add the profile to a specific proxy. Make sure the proxy status is valid. 

4. Social Profile → Click the account → Verify

Once you verify the account, click Browse and log in to the account. 

This is how you can create the API Key for SU Social: 

  1. You need to create the API for Su Social. Click this link: → View API key
  1. Create a new secret key. 
  1. Copy the secret key.
  1. Paste the copied secret key to SU Social.

SU Social  → Settings → Connectivity

Once you paste the secret key, click Test Open AI Account, and then click Ok.

After creating the account and API Key, follow these steps to set up the account for automation. 

  1. Go to Account’s tool → Finder → Group Finder

Input a keyword under extract from keywords to which Facebook groups you want to join. 

You can randomize the number of groups and skip groups with fewer users. Don’t forget to put the tag which you used on creating the account. That is where the groups will send to. 

Then, click extract groups.

Some extracted groups might be irrelevant to your niche. You can filter the groups you want by checking the box.  By choosing the right groups, it should be active and have a lot of users and engagement. This is to make sure that you will interact with the right people relevant to your niche. 

Click “More actions”.

Click Send Selected to Joiner of Same tag accounts.

You can see the groups you joined on Waiting for a Join request.

In this section, all the groups you sent for request to join will appear here. 

Note: Not all groups extracted are relevant to your niche so you must check and see which are useful for your niche. You can select them all or you can remove the irrelevant groups by ticking the box and do manual action to delete. 

Go to Finder tool.

You can randomize the settings for the run timers. Click Add random sleep time. 

For the joiner settings, the ideal number of fb groups to join is 5-7 per day. This is to keep the accounts safe.

Click “Pick a random group to join instead of the first one from the list below”.

Random picking of groups will depend on the bot’s preference. This means that the bot will automate the join request in a non-sequence manner.

Click Cancel pending group join sheet after 14 days. You can randomize the number of days. 

“Toggle on” to start the process.

Go to Account Actions tool.

On the other actions, you can put 1 and 2 items per operation. (You can still randomize the number you like).

Toggle on to start the process. (Important: This is to ensure that the accounts are alive, keep doing actions, and run as a real person)

Go to Invite tool.

The safe settings for the Invite is 10-20 per day. 

This is the ideal number of sending invites per day to make sure that the accounts will not be restricted due to excessive use of accounts.    

Now, you can also find friends by extracting other Facebook users. 

Click Auto Select new Friends.

You will find the users from the groups  to the Contact tool. 

Go to Finder, and you can take one of the groups extracted and copy.

Go back to the Contact tool and paste the group you copied. Click “Extract users”. 

After that, you can see the extracted group users below.

Contact tool → Use Members

Tick the box for “Ignore members who already received an invite” and “Automatically send new members from the memberlist to friend request”.

Contact tool → Friend Request

Toggle on to start the process.

This process is useful when it comes to posting. You can start posting on your wall and publish in the group. Your friends can see that you published in the group, as they will receive a notification. 

If you want to send an automatic message to your friends who accept your request, you go to Friend Requests and construct a message text you want to send.

If you are sending the automatic message to your friends who accepted your request, you need to make sure that the Send messages is on. 

You can also randomize the number of Run Limits.

Comment & Like tool is used for automatic comments and like when posts in the group are related to your niche. Put the keyword, tag, and comment you like to send. 

Every time there are posts related to your keyword or tag used, they will automatically receive the comment. For instance, if there is a caption posted with the keyword “mom”, the post will receive an automated comment from your account. You can make the comment you prefer by writing it on the “comment”. Comments can be with a link which will redirect the other users to your page or account or it may be an answer to their queries. 

Check only the “Use in Group Sources”

You can randomize your Comment/Likes limit.

Comment & Like tool → Sources

Set up the group you copied and add them. 

Comment & Like tool → Sources → Settings

Toggle on to start the process. 

Now we are going to start using the Campaign features and  the integration of ChatGPT 

Campaign is where you can publish your posts to the groups.

Before running the campaign, you have to set up everything from What to publish, Where, and When. 

Campaign → Add Publishing Campaigns → Add Standard Campaign

Rename the campaign and tick the box for “Make images unique before they are posted in small images”.

Go to Where to Publish. This is where you can find the account you want to publish. 

On the Pages/Boards, you have to click “Selected” for  the groups.

As you click “Selected”, the groups will appear. You can choose the groups where it can reach your post. If you want all the groups, you can click “Select All”.

Go to When to Publish.

You can randomize the number of posts. This means that the bot will decide how many posts will be done per day. 

For example, you randomize it to 7 to 12 posts per day. The bot will automate the postings of your accounts which may have 7 to 12 postings. 

Tick the box for “Randomize publishing timers each day”, and you can randomize the number of the post.

Go to What to Publish → AI Content

You will use the OpenAI tool to generate the post automatically. 

You have to be specific and clear with your input or request on OpenAI so it will generate the right content for you.  You can also use this tool to generate images for your posts. This way, it will be easier for you to generate and post your content on your page or account.  

Write your content request in the description. Be clear with giving the description so you can get the right post for your niche. 

If you want to generate images for your post, click the “Generate image using AI”.

After that, click “Add”, and the post will appear below. 

Toggle on to start the process.

You can check on the Post list the automated posts.

Go back to the Overview and toggle on to start the automation.

How can you make money from all of this?

  • Grow your own FB assets: Learn how to grow your FB business page with more followers, traffic, and leads. In addition, you can create and grow a FB group to have another traffic source for leads and sales.
  • Sell this as a service: Everything you learned here is worth a lot of money for businesses that have their audience spending time on FB. As someone who now has the  “magic sauce,” you can offer it to business owners and help them grow their business on FB. It can be their FB business page, building a FB community, and much more.
  • ORM: Online reputation management. Using the avatars you built, you can like and comment on your own or your client’s content to boost its visibility and reputation, which can be highly valuable.
  • Build your own FB business pages + groups and monetize them: You can choose a hot topic and use an AI to create compelling content. This will result in turning those traffics into money.

This article is just a guide and recommendations for you on how you can manage your avatars for automation growth. Applying these guides may work well or may not. It is simply taking risks for your accounts. In addition, you need to test a few profiles to automate before proceeding to the next batch of profiles. This is to ensure that the automation settings work appropriately.

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