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Welcome to the Social Media Content Creation Growth Hacking with Su Social course!

Su Social & Open AI 2023: Automated Content Creation for Social Media

Manual setting up of multiple social media accounts for content creation is quite time consuming. This is one of the struggles that affect the accounts’ productivity in terms of content posting. Content creation with automation will save a significant amount of your time and effort, and improve your social media marketing and engagement. Now, what tool should we use to produce an automatic and well-sufficient content? The answer is Open AI. It is powered with an AI-bot that has the ability to handle inquiries and can provide sufficient information or content.

Su Social is the only social media automation platform which allows you to use Open AI for social media growth and integration. The use of this bot will help to generate a more engaging social media content. Thus, Su Social with the use of Open AI are the absolute tools for automating social media contents. 

Scroll down to learn more about how to use Su Social with Open AI for 24/7 content creation for social media.

What do you need to run Su Social?

1. Windows pc/VPS: Hetzner servers.

2. Scrapers: 5-10 scrapers per the main account. Dark Store or Project 1

3. Proxy- 1 Proxy (5G/4G) for max 10 main accounts. The Social Proxy code coupon drjarvee15.

Scrapers: 1 proxy (5G/4G) for max 100 scrapers (rotate it 10-12 mins)

4. Su Social account, starting at 39.97$ a month

These are the steps you need to follow first 

  1. You need to create the API for Su Social. Click this link: → View API key
  1. Create a new secret key. 
  1. Copy the secret key 
  1. Paste the copied secret key to Su Social.

Su Social→ Settings→ Connectivity

Once you paste the secret key, click Test Open AI Account, then click Ok.

Here are the steps on how to connect accounts:

You can follow these steps on how to connect an account to Su Social.

  1. Go to Social Profiles→ Add Profiles→ Add profile for an specific platform
  1. Fill in the account’s username and password.
  1. Go to Proxy Manager, add the profile to a specific proxy. Make sure the proxy status is valid. 
  1. Social Profile → Click the account → Verify 

Once you verify the account, click the browse and log in the account. 

Now, we are on the next steps for automating contents with the use of Open AI.

Campaigns→ Add Publishing Campaign

Campaigns→ Add Publishing Campaign → Add Standard Campaign

Overview → Where to Publish

Select the box beside the account you will automate and check the Wall/Profile. 

Overview → When to Publish

Set the number you want to publish per day and the days of the week to operate. 

Overview → What to Publish→ AI Content → Settings

Overview → What to Publish→ AI Content → Settings

Under description you have to give the specifics or key points that you want for your content. For image description, you need to provide a clear description. 

Overview → What to Publish→ AI Content → Settings

Click “Add”. You will see the contents you requested. You can find the generated content on generated posts and on Posts list. 

Go to Overview

Toggle on to start the automation. 

What are the main use-case for this?

  • Child/main accounts– ChatGPT has the ability to produce AI-generated content for you and with Su Social, it can also post it automatically on your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.
  • New product– You will handle all content creation and growth strategies- Reach out clients informing them that you can create new accounts on their behalf which reflects their brand or industry. Clients will only pay the monthly fee for the service.
  • Someone said digital assets automatically grow and post AI content– After creating accounts manually, the rest of the parts can be 100% automatic when it comes to the content and the growth. This is how you can build accounts, grow them and then sell or rent shoutouts/accounts.

How to Set Up Proxies on Su Social

1. Go to the Proxy Manager

2. Click Add Proxy.

3. Fill in the proxy details. (proxy IP:Port, proxy username then proxy password)

4. Next, verify the proxy and make sure the proxy status is valid.

5. Proxy settings are usually empty when you connect an account.

6. Go to Proxy Manager. A maximum of 10 accounts can be accommodated by each 5G & 4G proxy.

7. Add an account to a particular proxy and make sure it is valid. 

8. Before clicking the “verify account”, you have to make sure that the proxy details are reflected accurately.

The information above are just guides and recommendations that you can follow for automation. It depends on your part on taking risks to apply automation on your accounts. When you want to use the setting automation to test, make sure you will use a few profiles before adding another batch of profiles to automate. This is to check if the setting automation works well. If you experience issues and/or trouble on setting up accounts, you can reach us at the forum so we can better assist you.

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