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Welcome to Tiktok Growth Hacking with Phantom Buster!

Do you want to efficiently send DM’s more easily and effectively to your target audience? By using this Phantom Buster tool, you can create an automated direct message without manually scraping your contact leads. Spend less time sending messages one by one with Phantom Buster. Read and follow this guide to enhance your messaging strategy.

In this guide, we will use Twitter Follower Collector and Twitter Message Sender. These two features will be used to scrape the contact details of the followers of specific groups and send them an automated DM. 

Go to Phantom Buster. Click Phantoms. 

Click Twitter.

Twitter → Twitter Follower Collector → Use this Phantom

Click Connect to Twitter. Click Save.

You need to connect a Twitter account that you will use to run for automation. Use avatars so you can secure your main or own accounts from risks. Also, make sure the account you use is active and reliable. 

Click Save.

Profiles to scrape. 

In the space provided, if you have the link to your sheet containing your leads profile URL, you can copy and paste it. However, you can copy the profile URL if you want to scrape your leads from a group. 

Paste the copied link and click save. 


You can randomize the number of profiles you want to scrape. But in this guide, we will scrape 100 profiles. 


You can launch the operation manually and click save. 

Click Launch. 

The operation starts once you click the launch button and will show you the results in a few minutes. 

Now that you are done with Twitter Follower Collector, you can set up the Twitter Message Sender.

Twitter Message Sender → Use these Phantoms. 

Connect to Twitter. Click Save. 

My Phantoms. 

Click Twitter Follower Collector if you want to send DM to those leads.

Click Save. 


Put 10 as the number of lines you want to process per launch. 

In the message section, put the text you want to use on your DM. Click Save. 


You can choose to launch it manually or repeatedly. If you want to launch it repeatedly, you can choose how frequently it is in a day. 

Click Save. 

Click Launch. 

Once you start the launch, your account sends messages to your contacts. 

Here’s an example of how effectively the Phantom Buster tool sends DMs to your target audience. 


The Phantom Buster’s ability to scrape contacts and send DMs to your target audience effortlessly is one of its great features. This tool enhances your marketing strategy for your business or your client’s business, resulting in fast conversions. Just make sure that you are sending the right message to your target audience and follow the guidelines in order to unlock your business’s success. 

You can reach us at with any concerns or questions.