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YouTube Automation Settings 2022

For the past few months, we introduced to you various how-to guides for creation and automation of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit accounts but Youtube automation was not never mentioned that much. Hence, we thought it’s time to make a simple guide for you to kickstart your YouTube automation project. 

Whether you are aiming to get more views for your main YouTube account/s or you want to market your services and/or products on YouTube, this post will definitely pave the way for you to get started. 

Read on to know more. 

This is the site where you can get the Youtube Pro by Jarvee.

Youtube Pro Pricing

Youtube Automation Settings

After signing up here:, you will be given a 5-day free trial to try YouTube Pro without money commitment. 

Jarvee will send you your login credentials through the email address you used to register on the site. 

Step 1:

Add your profiles. 

Step 2:

Input your YouTube account’s login credentials in the description box and in the username and password panel. 

Step 3:

Check the “use mobile version” option as this works better as per the automation experts have experienced. 

Step 4:

Go to the Proxy Manager. Connect proxy and add your account. 

Step 5:

Verify account. If it will not work automatically, click “browse embedded” and sign in to your YouTube account manually. 


Follow Tool

“Follow users/channels by keyword search” 

If you are not sure who and which you would like to follow but you have a specific niche/s in mind. After inputting the keyword/s, do not forget to click “extract now”. It will extract channels from each keyword you added and it will be sent to the Extracted Users. 

“Source – Users/Channels by videos keyword search”

Jarvee will search for channels to follow using the filter “Video” using the keywords you have chosen. It is useful when you want to subscribe to channels that upload videos using certain keywords as they are working on different contents every now and then. 

“Follow users/channels from a provided list”

You can add people or channels to this source if you have a list of people or channels you want to follow. Keep in mind that there must be one URL per line when adding several URLs.

“Follow user channels from custom URL”

If you wish to subscribe to the channels that your target people or channels are subscribed to, use this source. The Channel tab of the targeted user or channel will be visited by Jarvee, who will then subscribe to those channels.

“Follow people that comment on Specified Videos”

To subscribe to users who comment on particular videos, use this source. When you’ve finished entering all the necessary, legitimate URLs, click “ADD TO VIDEOS LIST”; the Index table below will then be updated with all of them.

Unfollow Tool

Use the whitelist feature if there are certain channels/users you want to keep following.

Like Tool

Comment Tool

Important note: use “spin text” when you are going to use the automated commenting feature. This will help you avoid being flagged as this provides you with different versions of the comments instead of copy and pasting the same set of words. 

Always click “check spin syntax” to make sure that your comments are valid and use “spin text” to see if you were able to input different versions of comments in the message box. 

See format of inputting multiple comments below: (The more versions you have, the better.)


Note that you can utilize the filters below to optimize the comment tool: Upload date, Duration, Type and Sort by.

Like/Reply Comments Tool

Full Browser Experience Tool

From Jarvee’s own statement: We built The Full Browser Experience mainly for Facebook but we thought we should add it to the other social networks as well as it will make the accounts look more like normal users.

What it does: 

So what the tool basically does is that it visits websites from a specific list that you provided and if those websites should have what we call:

  • A Facebook pixel inside them and your account visit their website, it’s added to their list of visitors in their Facebook Ads custom audience and they can use it to re-target your account using Facebook Ads.


  • One of Facebook Social Plugins and your account visit one of these websites, that visit is tracked and added to your dart cookie.

According to some Jarvee users, doing this helped with the ban rate for their Facebook accounts as the accounts look more normal.  In the past, they had to manually do this by opening the embedded browser and visiting different websites.

Watch Videos Tool

This is very useful especially when you are planning to create multiple YouTube accounts to watch videos uploaded by your main account/s thereby getting you more views on unique IPs and helping you boost your ranking. With this, you will have a better chance of getting more traffic to your channel. 

Disclaimer: This guide is intended for beginners. If you believe you have advanced techniques and strategies to optimize YouTube automation, please feel free to comment below. 

Ideas are always welcome! Cheers to a productive discourse!