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  • Welcome to BlackhatGrowth.com!

Our terms of use are explained in this article. When using Thesocialproxy LTD 516115086 , you consent to all the rules that appear on this page. Many of them need to be articulated in legal language, but we have done our utmost to provide you with straightforward and concise descriptions of what it all means — hence the brief summaries in those blue boxes. Of the record, the summaries are not part of official legal terminology.

In accessing this platform (the “Site”) provided in Roee klinger’s Thesocialproxy LTD 516115086 (along with its parents, associates, shareholders, agents, members, advisors, staff, officers and directors — collectively “Thesocial Proxy,” “we,” or “us”), you consent to these legally binding guidelines (the “Terms”). You also adhere to our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Transaction Verification Policy and adhere that you are responsible for any relevant local legislation.

This content can be modified from time to time. When we do, we will inform you of any material changes, either by notifying you on the Web or by emailing you. New iterations of the terms are never going to apply retroactively — we’re going to tell you the exact date they come into effect. If you continue to use Thesocialproxy after a transition, then you accept the new terms and conditions.

By agreeing to these terms you are also agreeing to our privacy policy and affiliate agreement.

  • About Creating an Account

You need to be 18 or older to sign up for a Thesocialproxy account. You ‘re in charge of your account and all of the activity on it.

You can visit the website of Thesocialproxy without logging in for an account. But you’ll need to register, pick an account name and set a password to use the Application. The details you send us when you do that needs to be correct and complete. Do not use either invalid or an e-mail from anyone else as this will weaken your account security.

You are liable on your account for all the operation and for keeping private your password. You can report it to support@thesocialproxy.com if you find out that anyone else has used your account without your permission.

To create an account, you need to be at least 18 years old or old enough to form a legal contract where you reside.

  • Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Do

This section is a list of things that you probably already know you shouldn’t do — break rules, harass people, steal data, hack computers from other people, interfere with the proper functioning of web services, and so forth. Please act accordingly. Kindly abide all the rules and regulations.

We expect all our users to act appropriately and help maintain a conducive environtment for both parties. Do none of these on the Internet and in the Services:

  • Don’t break the law. One should not take any action that violates or infringes the rights of others, violates the law or infringes any contract, legal obligation or terms of service that you have with anyone.
  • Don’t spam on that. One should not deliver unwanted or illegal ads or promotional material or letters of junk mail, spam or chain. Do not run on or via the Web mail lists, listservs or other form of auto-responder or spam.
  • Don’t damage anybody’s computer. Do not spread software viruses or anything else (code, videos, programs) intended to interfere with the proper functioning of any of the Site’s software , hardware, or equipment (whether it belongs to The Social Proxy or other parties).

We do need to ensure that the Website is safe and that our systems are working correctly. But don’t do something like that — most of which boil down to “do not mess with our system.”

  • Do not try to mess with the Services’ proper workings.
  • Do not circumvent any steps to protect the Programs that we have put in place.
  • Do not attempt to harm or obtain unauthorized access to any device, data, password or other information, whether it belongs to the social proxy or to any other group.
  • Do not take any action that would put an unfair burden on our infrastructure or our third party providers. (We reserve the right to decide what is fair, if uncertain, email us at support@thesocialproxy.com)
  • To “crawl” or “spider” any part of the Web, do not use any kind of program or tool (whether manual or automated).
  • Do not take some component of the Services apart or reverse engineer in an attempt to access such items as source code, underlying ideas or algorithms.
  • Don’t use an excessive amount of data on the proxies (we reserve the right to determine what is deemed an abuse of the terms.
  • Don’t use inappropriate proxy data (we reserve the right to decide what is considered an infringement of the terms)
  • Things We Don’t Do and Aren’t Responsible For

We are not responsible for overseeing what consumers use the Services to.

Thesocialproxy shall not be responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from your use of the Services. We are not responsible in conflicts surrounding the use of the Services between users or between users and any third party. When you use the Services, you release Thesocialproxy from all lawsuits, damages, and proceedings of any sort — known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, reported or undisclosed — arising out of or in some way connected with these conflicts and the Services. All information that you use the Services to access is at your own risk. You are solely responsible to any party for any consequential damage or loss.

  • Subscription

Thesocialproxy provides free trials and subscriptions which are charged. Compared with paid plans, free trials can be limited in the consistency of customer service.

Thesocialproxy provides free, as well as paid subscription plans. Free trials can be limited in the functionality available, the amount of usage and the level of customer service as opposed to paid plans. Thesocialproxy provides plans which are free and charged. They provide features on the Pricing page mentioned above. If you want to order a paid subscription, you’ll get proxies on the Pricing page according to the features list.

At the end of each billing period, your paid subscription does not automatically renew unless you manually renew the service for any or all of your proxies doing so via the Renew tab.

  • Payments

Thesocialproxy services can be charged through PayPal and wire transfer from bank. Within this section you will find different terminology for the users of every payment system.

  • Automatic renewals by PayPal payments

By granting an Advance Payment Authorization (Billing Agreement), you give Thesocialproxy the right to receive or reverse fixed or variable sum payments from your PayPal account on a one-time or recurring basis (as further defined in the relevant Billing Agreement). – a contract to which you consent when granting an Authorization) before you revoke your Authorization or underlying agreement with the third party concerned; and;

When your Transaction involves PayPal to convert your currency, the cost of the Currency Conversion Charge will be determined at the time your transaction is processed by the third party involved and the transaction completed.You accept that the exchange rate calculated at the time of each payment transaction will vary, and you recognize that the potential implementation of Pre-approved Payments will be focused on fluctuating exchange rates.

Thesocialproxy must send prior notice to your account before making any charges.

All of the above operations are carried out exclusively via a customer billing panel and are specifically defined as paid services. Thesocialproxy will ask for your permission to make any adjustments to the billed number. You can receive email updates about all one-time transactions and regular (if any) billed amounts shifts.

  •  PayPal currency conversion

You may send money in U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Yen, Australian Dollars, Brazilian Real, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Israeli New Shekels, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Philippine Peso, Polish Zloty, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, Thai Baht and Taiwan New Dollar. However, there may be some constraints on where to send those currencies.

If you transfer money in a currency other than your PayPal account ‘s primary currency for others to receive, PayPal conversion rules must apply.

  • Paid subscription cancellation

We won’t immediately charge you when your new proxy contract expires.

Although we’ll be sad to see you go, you can stop paying for our services by simply not renewing them manually at any time.

Your proxies will be deleted from your Thesocialproxy account upon termination of any payable subscription contract.

  • Refunds

You have to change your mind for 3 days, and get a refund. Yet remember to contact Customer Service for a refund. It is impolite to make chargebacks or open PayPal conflicts and will block your account.

If you used our product equally and it just didn’t solve your problem we will refund your order. The satisfaction guarantee is true from the moment of purchase within the first 3 days.

In the case of a refund, proxies that have been approved for the refund will be deleted from your account and you will not be allowed to continue to use them. The invoice associated with your order is voided / adjusted. The specifics of your account will be maintained.

  • Deleting Your Account

You can delete your account at any time by notifying us of your termination order.

You will get your account terminated at any time. All clauses in this Agreement survive account termination. All data generated on Thesocialproxy will be removed except for eventual invoices created and traffic logs collected for security purposes. After account deletion, we hold traffic logs so that we can manage them to local authorities, if necessary.

  • Other Websites

When you follow a link to another page, what’s going on there is between you and them — not us.

Thesocialproxy may include links to other websites. (For example, forum pages, reports and user reviews. You do so at your own risk when visiting third-party websites. We do not monitor or support such websites.

Thesocialproxy links to payment processing with other firms (such as PayPal). If you pay for subscription you always agree to the terms of service of the payment processor.

  • Our Rights

We need to be able to retain control of what is happening on our website to be operational. And we reserve the right to take actions in this section to protect the safety and dignity of our program. We do not take lightly these actions  and we use them only when we absolutely have to.

Thesocialproxy shall maintain these rights:

Without notice or liability we can make adjustments to the Thesocialproxy Site and Services.

We are entitled to choose who is qualified to use Thesocialproxy. We can cancel or withhold accounts to offer our Services (especially if you abuse them). When you pay for any of our services and we do not believe you are eligible for their use, we will reimburse the remaining unused days on your purchased package. Our eligibility requirements may be changed at any time. If the legislation bans such stuff where you live, then we revoke your right to use Thesocialproxy in that jurisdiction.

As a consequence of any of these acts, Thesocialproxy is not responsible for any damages and we reserve the right to refrain from commenting on any such action.

  • Dispute Resolution and Governing Law

We are located in Ramat Gan Israel and any conflicts with us must be dealt with under Israeli law in Ramat gan.

We at Thesocialproxy urge you to contact us before resorting to the courts if you have any problem. In the unfortunate situation where legal action occurs, these Terms (and all other regulations , policies or guidelines incorporated by reference) shall be regulated and interpreted in compliance with the laws of Israel, without giving effect to any conflict of law principles, and Without the implementation of the Uniform Electronic Information Transaction Act or the UN Convention on International Sale of Goods Controls. 

You accept that Thesocialproxy and its Services shall be considered a passive website and application that does not give rise to jurisdiction in any jurisdiction other than Israel over Thesocialproxy or its parents, subsidiaries, associates, subordinates, staff, agents, directors , officers or shareholders, whether particular or general. 

You accept that any proceeding at law or in equity arising out of or relating to these Terms, or the use or non-use of Thesocial Proxy, shall only be brought before the Israel State Courts and You hereby agree to any such action and refer it to the personal jurisdiction of those courts for the purposes of litigation. You hereby irrevocably waive any right, in any conflict, action or proceeding, that you will have to appeal by jury.

  • Service unavailability and responsibilities

Regardless of the unavailability of our operation, we take no responsibility for any economic loss. 

We at Thesocialproxy do what we can to make the service affordable and accessible for which you paid. Some downtimes can happen, though. In that case, we do not take responsibility for any loss (including direct or indirect economic loss) or harm caused by the non-disponibility of the services of the social proxy. In any case, by extending your contract, we can compensate for the entire period you do not use our service due to the downtime. 

The Social Proxy doesn’t take any responsibility for any damage made by The Social Proxy media tools or automation resources, nor any responsibility of any economic loss that have been caused due to the use of the media tools or automation resources. The Social Proxy user take full responsibility for the use of those tools and resources, further more The Social Proxy recommend to make only reasonable use of this tools and resources under the social media platforms terms and conditions and there community guidelines.  


  • Acceptable usage of the proxies

Usage of Unlimited Data shall be subject to fair usage. We can track the amount of data you are using to help us determine whether you are using your Unlimited Data in compliance with fair use. If we find your data usage to be inappropriate, we reserve the right to switch off your proxy until the next renewal or stop your subscription completely, we consider such use as abuse and we will not be able to issue a refund.

While we do not have set monthly data use caps, we do track the average data use of the proxies. When we find a high usage that could jeopardize the sim card and/or our good relationship with the network operator(s) with whom we associate, we reserve the right to stop your subscription or stop your usage until the next billing cycle.

  • Multi location license

Is available only for proxies that were purchased in full price (90 Euros) and enable the user to change region 2 times per mouth per full price proxy and up to 5 proxies region changes per day. 

  • NEWSLETTER, Emails and SMS 

In accordance with the provisions of the current legislation on Personal Data Protection, we hereby inform you that the email address that you have provided us and your Phone number will be incorporated into the processing system owned by The Social Proxy  is responsible, for the purposes of processing your subscription request and to be able to regularly send you our Newsletter, SMS, proposal, updates and more regarding our services or other services we will see fit. In compliance with current regulations, The social proxy informs you that all data will only be kept for as long as consent is given. Likewise, we inform you that we will process your data only when consent has been provided. We also inform you that you can contact the Data Protection Officer at The social proxy by writing to the email address Support@thesocialproxy.com or by calling +972526100221. In accordance with the rights conferred on you by the current Personal Data Protection legislation, you may exercise the rights of access, rectification, limitation of processing, deletion, portability and objection to the processing of your personal data and the consent given for its processing, by sending your request to the postal address indicated above or by writing an email to Support@thesocialproxy.com Should you wish to file a complaint, you should contact the appropriate Supervisory Authority. The Social Proxy informs you that we continue to process your personal data according to your continued consent. Unless you do not inform us otherwise, we will understand that your data have not been modified, that you undertake to notify us of any changes, and that in accordance with article 21.1 of Law 34/2002 on information society services and electronic commerce, once your subscription request has been made, we have your consent to process your data according to the aforementioned purposes. Likewise, we hereby inform you that you can revoke your consent, thus cancelling your subscription to the Newsletter, by sending an email to the following address: Support@thesocialproxy.com. Confirmation of subscription implies acceptance of this clause.

  • The Rest

These are our official words for how things work, and our laws. (So if you ever see ambiguous or contradictory details on any of these stuff, just check out those words — they ‘re the last word.) Thank you very much for reading them, and for using Thesocialproxy!

Such Terms and the other content listed in them are the whole agreement about the Services between you and Thesocialproxy. They replace all other correspondence and suggestions between you and Thesocialproxy about the Services (whether oral, written, or electronic) and regulate our future relationship. When any clause of these Terms is found to be unconstitutional under the statute, the clause must be modified or omitted to the minimum required degree so that even the Terms must remain in full force and effect and enforceable. Failure by either you or Thesocialproxy to exercise any right in any way provided for in these Terms will not be considered to be a waiver of any other rights.

These conditions are unique to you. If you receive the prior written consent of Thesocialproxy, you can not allocate them, pass them or sub-license them. Thesocialproxy has the right, without your permission, to grant, pass or delegate all of its rights and obligations under these Terms; Thesocialproxy will alert you by email, written notice or by posting the notification clearly on our Page.

Such revised terms came into effect on July 20, 2020 and refer to all acts carried out since then on the website of Thesocialproxy and in its Services.

Updated: 1st November 2019 12am EET